Offal Feast ft Peru, Macau, Indonesia, Cambodia

SOMA, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Medium (10-15 Guests)
asian, latin american, european
Chefs Siska, Tracy, Monica and Geri showcasing their international take on offal, street vendor style. They believe in eating all parts of an animal. Come join them if you have a palate for entrails and odd bits.

Menu detail

Cambodian Braised Pork Offal - Chef Monica
Small Plate
A one pot dish with pork organs braised in a sweet dark sauce for hours. Served with fresh vegetable to compliment the dish and a side of small rice balls.
Macau Ox Tongue Sandwich - Chef Tracy
Small Plate
A popular Macanese sandwich influenced by Portuguese colonization until 1999. Tender red wine braised ox tongue sandwich served with a small cup of beef tripe & vegetables soup.
Saksang Blood Stew - Chef Siska
Small Plate
Batak Tribe Saksang pork blood stew - A dish specific to the Batak tribe of Sumatra, Indonesia, where Siska's family came from. Slow cooked pork, pork belly, and offal in thick spicy blood sauce. Very similar to Filipino Dinuguan. Pig sourced from Rancho Llano Seco. This dish comes with steamed white rice and a side of pounded cassava leaves cooked in coconut milk.
Anticuchos De Corazon - Chef Geri
Small Plate
Grilled Marinated Organic Beef Heart Skewers, served with corn and potato. A Peruvian Classic.
Four Dessert Bites
Mango Coconut Ice Cream - Chef Siska Homemade ice cream with condensed sweet coconut cream & diced mangoes toppings. Casadinhos de Doce de Leite - Chef Tracy Portuguese caramelized condensed milk on butter cookies. Coconut Sticky Rice - Chef Monica Sticky rice with sesame seeds topped with fresh shredded coconut. Picarones - Chef Geri A uniquely Peruvian doughnut made with a yeast dough that includes squash and sweet potato served with a sweet fruity sauce. Picarones are said by some to be the ideal accompaniment to Anticuchos.

Offal Feast ft Peru, Macau, Indonesia, Cambodia

SOMA, San Francisco
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