Vegetarian & Omnivore "Mamak" Roti Chanai

Sunset, San Francisco


This is an alcohol-free event
Small (4-10 Guests)
malaysian, indian, singaporean
**Ovo-lacto vegetarian, pescatarian AND omnivore friendly.** "Mamak" are Malaysians of Tamil-Muslim origin, whose forefathers mostly migrated from South India to the Malay Peninsula and parts of Southeast Asia as early as the 10th century. They are regarded as part of the Malaysian Indian community. The term derived from the honorific Tamil term for uncle, ma-maa.

Menu detail

Ghee Roti Chanai
Homemade ghee (clarified butter) roti chanai made fresh on site with the infamous dough flipping and stretching technique to create layered tissue-paper thin flat breads. Each guest will enjoy an original and an onion roti. No, I can't make roti without gluten. Roti is a generic Hindi term for bread, while Chanai (more commonly spelled Canai) is beloved to refer to either the city of Chennai in Tamilnadu, where most Indian-Malaysians' ancestors immigrated from, or the Malay word "canai" for the action of rolling out a dough.
Three Savory Roti Toppings
Small Plate
Chicken, potato, vegetables curry. Medium. Vegetarian toor dahl stew with squash, onion & eggplant. Mild. Tomato sambal with belacan shrimp paste. Medium.
Sweet Potato Donuts
Known as Keria Keledek in Malay. Fried sweet potato donuts with sugar.
Teh Halia
Stove-top brewed Sri Lankan black tea, fresh ginger, sweetened milk. Unsweetened black tea is available on request.

Vegetarian & Omnivore "Mamak" Roti Chanai

Sunset, San Francisco
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