Malaysian Laksa Cooking Class

Sunset, San Francisco


Small (4-10 Guests)
Learn how to make my most popular laksa, sambal, stir fry and chendol dessert from scratch. All level cooks welcome, patience required. Hands-on learning.

Menu detail

Laksa Lemak (Intermediate)
SPICY! We will be making one of the many types of laksa with the following elements: - Shrimp & chicken broth - Fresh spice paste - Fried shallots - Soft or medium boiled eggs - Pulled chicken - Perfectly cooked shrimp - Blanched vegetables
Sambal Udang + A Dish Utilizing Sambal (Beginner)
Small Plate
SPICY. This is a condiment of dried shrimp and hot chili peppers which compliments laksa and many Malaysian dishes. After making the sambal, we will use it to make a sambal stir fry.
Tracy's Chendol Hack (Intermediate)
Learn how to make pandan dessert noodles from scratch, the easiest coconut "shaved ice", sweet beans, drizzled with palm sugar caramel. No ice shaver or ice cream machine required.

Malaysian Laksa Cooking Class

Sunset, San Francisco
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