Laksa Flight: 3 Regional Malaysian Laksa

In-PersonMission, San Francisco


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In Malaysia, "laksa" refers to non-wheat noodles that may come in a variety of broths or served brothless with condiments instead. This menu is designed to introduce SF to three distinct types of laksa from the North, East Coast and South of Peninsular Malaysia.

Menu detail

Kelantanese Laksa
Kelantan is a state on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. This under-cerebrated laksa is sometimes called "laksam" per local dialect. The handmade noodles are steamed on flat sheets of muslin cloth and then rolled into logs. This version is served in a grey sauce made with fish, coconut cream and fresh herbs. Many Malaysians from other regions are unaware of this dish.
Asam Laksa: Fish & Tamarind
From the North-Western state of Penang*. Boneless fish, sour tamarind broth, round tapioca noodles, mint, pineapple, shrimp paste. *Penang is one of the 13 Malaysian states. Not to be confused with the unrelated Thai Panang curry.
Nyonya Laksa Lemak
Popular in Central and South-West of Malaysia. Shrimp & coconut broth with lemongrass, galangal, belacan, shallots, chilli oil and sambal. Served with chicken, tofu, egg, thin rice stick noodles and vegetables.
Keria Keledek
Malay style dense and rustic sweet potato "donuts".
Small Plate
Village style side dish of fresh herbs and vegetables with homemade fermented dipping sauces.

Laksa Flight: 3 Regional Malaysian Laksa

In-PersonMission, San Francisco
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