Brunch So Hard: A Trashfish Event

In-PersonCulver City, Los Angeles


Pop-up space
Large (15-20 Guests)
brunch, seafood
We've replaced standard brunch ingredients with sustainable seafood alternatives for an interactive dining event. For two hours, eat your heart out at five stations AND a DIY mimosa bar. We are pleased to be partnering with Chef Huntley See for this event. Eat, socialize, and learn all about local underloved seafood. Visit our popup fishmonger shop and take home some live rock crabs, too!

Menu detail

Small Plate
Smoked Opah Tartare Taro Chip, Avocado Crema, Spicy Aioli, Spring onion, Pickled Shallots, Roasted Tomatoes *TRASHFISH FACT: Opah is a popular tuna bycatch from San Diego. Also known as moon fish, it can be prepared to mimic bacon and other fatty meats!*
Small Plate
Rock Fish Fritata with Arugula, Parmesan, Pickled Shallots, Tomato Jam. *TRASHFISH FACT: There are dozens of rockfish varieties in California, and the fishery as a whole has celebrated a massive rebound since the 1990s. We'll share the specific subspecies, fisherman, boat name and catch method that you're supporting!*
Small Plate
Tuna Bycatch Brandade Tater Tots with Spicy Aioli, Homemade Ketchup *TRASHFISH FACT: When a fisherman targets a species, they end up with more than they planned to get! Making a market for the other seafood caught ensures our fishermen get paid for their hard work.*
Small Plate
Swordfish & Mango with Avocado Salsa Verde *TRASHFISH FACT: Swordfish are prized for their size, and the smaller of the catch are really hard for fishermen to sell. We snatch them up to celebrate their lower toxic buildup and reshape the meaning of "value" at our local harbors.*
Small Plate
Pickled Kellet's Whelk Sea Snails with Traditional - and Non Traditional Accouterments *TRASHFISH FACT: Whelks are a type of sea snail, coveted for their shocking 41g of protein per 3 oz of meat. You read that right! Whelks can be found in lobster and crab traps from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Called "scungilli" in Italian, you may have eaten snails on your spaghetti without even knowing it!*
DIY Mimosa Station with Assorted Fruits and Juices


Live Rock Crabs from the Fishmonger Tank
2 Live Rock Crabs from the Fishmonger Tank

Brunch So Hard: A Trashfish Event

In-PersonCulver City, Los Angeles
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