Summer Turkish Feast

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland


Pop-up space
Available for purchase
Large (15-20 Guests)
Chef Umut Matkap was born and raised in a small Mediterranean city in Turkey where he started to learn cooking from his grandma and mom. His style of cooking is heavily influenced from the history of his hometown Antakya with unique tecniques and combinations. Family recipes with some culinary touches. Join Chef Umut Matkap to explore a wide range of traditionally-made Turkish food with a 4 course dinner. .

Menu detail

Tahilli Yogurt Corbasi ve icli kofte
Cold Yogurt Soup with barley, garbanzo beans, dried mint and fresh basil. Turkish style Kibbeh balls stuffed with seasoned ground lamb and beef with roasted walnuts on the side
Soguk Meze Tabagi
A summer mezze platter; -Watercrest Hummus with pickles and butter fried pine nuts -Smoked Eggplant paste with grilled veggies roasted garlic -Handmade red Lentil patties with caramelized onion and fresh herbs -Artichoke Bottoms steamed with lemon juice and olive oil w/seasoned fava beans -Ice soaked dark bulgur with pomegranate concentrate , sun dried pepper paste, fresh mint and parsley on a bed of grape vine leaves
Antep fistikli kebap, Tereyagli-sehriyeli pilav ve sumakli zerzevat
Pistachio meatballs with ground beef/lamb - Sumac/lemon/red onion garnish and butter cooked Turkish Baldo rice pilav w/ vermicelli
Osmanli Usulu irmik Helvasi
Ottoman Style Farina halva with caramelized pine nuts, walnuts cinnamon and vanilla ice cream on the top



Summer Turkish Feast

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland
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