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Urban Homestead
Pasadena, CA


The sisters at this urban farm in Pasadena have been growing food and cooking by hand and by scratch all their lives. Over 6,000 lbs of food is produced organically on this little scrap of land (1/10th acre garden) that is owned, worked and managed by the Dervaes Family -- Jules, Justin, Anais and Jordanne.

Since 1995, the Urban Homestead city farm has pioneered hope and gratitude in a gritty corner of North West Pasadena that needed a heap of both.

After more than two decades of showing us how a simpler way of living can bring fullness to our modern human existence, the Dervaes Family has now swung open the barnyard gates and invite the surrounding community to join in celebrating the goodness of this life.

These folks are delighted to share their hospitality and urban farm space with artists who embrace the idea that good music and good eatin' makes for good livin'! For what is a home without friends and family in it? What is a table without healthful food on it to share?