Los Moles: Oaxacan Moles & Cocktail Pairing

SoMa, San Francisco


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
This menu is the first part of a series of dinners showcasing the 7 Oaxacan Moles which are the perfect culinary example of the mestizaje that took place in Mexico after the arrival of the spanish conquistadores.

Menu detail

Mole Verde
Small Plate
Herbs contribute the green color of mole verde, which is made from tomatillos, parsley, epazote and hierba santa to name a few.
Mole Negro
Small Plate
Among the 7 moles, mole negro takes the prize for the most ingredients including 6 types of chiles, plantain, almonds, peanuts, bread and chocolate. It also has the most complex flavor.
Mole Coloradito
Small Plate
Coloradito is a sweet mole made with ancho and guajillos chiles, tomatoes, sugar and canela, which together produce a light red color.
Mole Manchamantel
Small Plate
Manchamantel is a luscious tropical mole filled with fruits, cinnamon and guajillo chiles.


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Los Moles: Oaxacan Moles & Cocktail Pairing

SoMa, San Francisco
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