The Art and Science of Searing

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High heat can be an intimidating thing for home cooks, especially if you have a sensitive smoke detector. But searing proteins on high heat is also the key to unlocking some of their best flavors, and learning how to master it will open a whole new world of cooking to you. Practicing with ribeye, we'll walk through the steps of searing meat and how to use temperature to create a perfect crust and a tender, juicy inside. In class we will focus not just on the how’s of cooking dishes but also on the why’s, so that you can leave class more knowledgeable and ready to tackle the dish again on your own any time! There will also be a live chat that will allow you to ask questions as we go so that you can truly understand the processes being used. Get your spoons ready! I can't wait to cook with you all. ***PRE-ORDER boxes with ingredients for class are also available for anyone LOCAL (Cincinnati), with PICKUP at Metropole on Wednesdays and Thursdays***