Los Angeles, CA


Hi there,

My name is Ali and this is the story of how me and my wife Pinar planted the seeds of Veganagev, plant based artisan food for plant huggers and meat lovers..


Story of 'Chi'

Legend says that the wife of a hunter created a dish from raw vegetables and meat without using any fire after the tyrannical King Nemrut banned firewood, so that he could build a huge fire to burn Abraham the prophet around BCE 1800s. This is how ancient food called 'Cig kofte' (means raw meatball) is invented, which is the most popular Turkish dish recently.

Many people are seeking for healthy foods nowadays. According to Eastern lore, 'Chi' is the vital energy to animate the internal body, power and life force. Balancing the Chi level of your body leads from a healthy diet based on grains and veggies. That's why we decided to call our dish 'Chi' for cig kofte which has a similar pronunciation and purpose.

Made with bulghur wheat, onion, tomato, olive oil and natural secret ingredients, our vegan 'Chi' recipe is a good way to balance healthy diet and lifestyle.

Chi is a more heathier option over real, fake or processed meat. It is rich in healthy olive oil, protein, carbohydrates and fibers, leaves silky and savory feeling and not trying to mimic the taste of meat.


How did we started?

Since I was a child, I have a passion for experimenting on my own recipes without my mother's permission. When I started college, finally I have my own place to cook different kinds of food while studying Graphic Design. I worked as an Art Director for many years then moved in USA around 3 years ago.

After my marriage in LA, cooking become meditation for me. My wife helped me to realize that I love spending time in kitchen. She insisted on getting into food business. I hesitated at first but that idea struck me later.

The majority of world cuisines in here fascinated me, but realized that there is no good Turkish restaurant. So, we decided not to only cook authentic Turkish food but create a fusion vegan menu. We started working on our menu to create a unique dining experience. For the first time ever, we tried 'Chi' in cooked in forms like burger, taco, wrap and many more. Our friends loved our creations and suggested to share with others.

Now we are excited to present our exciting creations to you.

This is how our Feastly story begins...