à la Turka: 8 Course Vegan Bowl Edition

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mediterranean, middle eastern, turkish
Gluten Free, Local, Vegan
The world of Turkish Cuisine is very rich in veggie creations. Our unforgettable feast memories consist of family members on a long table with delicious flavors. We handpicked our favorite dishes from our mothers hidden recipe books, which means for them "family treasure", created them all vegan, added modern touch with humble taste notes from Californian, Mexican, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. As a courtesy for Turkish mothers, our Family Treasure Feast waiting on our table for you.

Menu detail

Turkish Tomato Pepper Dip - {Cemen}
It is a good way to start a dinner with çemen dip which is a classic Turkish condiment. Made with tomato paste, red hot pepper paste combined with garlic, rosemary, walnut and olive oil. Served with sweet wheat oat baguette.
Feta Cheese Stuffed Pastry Rolls - {Ev Yapimi Beyaz Peynirli Sigara Böregi}
Small Plate
Originally called "sigara böregi", these rolls are a crispy mouth-watering meze! Made with homemade youfka dough and homemade vegan feta cheese. Lightly fried with sunflower oil. Served with homemade peach or strawberry preserve for dipping.
Homemade Rose Mint Lemonade - {Ev Yapimi Gullu Naneli Limonata}
The very first uses of lemon in the Mediterranean were as an ornamental plant in early Islamic gardens. Our version includes a very fresh touch mint and rose water! Made with freshly squeezed lemons, fresh mint, rose water and a subtle amount of cane sugar.
Slow Cooked Roman Beans - {Barbunya Pilaki}
Small Plate
Beans are very versatile in Turkish Cuisine. They can be soft and silky or spicy and tangy. This style is our favorite one and it's naturally vegan! Made wih fresh roman beans, onion, carrot, potato, tomato, garlic, fresh thyme and olive oil.
Tomato Walnut Salad with Pomegranate Dressing - {Gavurdagı Salatası}
Small Plate
Named after the Gavur mountain, part of Tarsus mountains in Southeast part of Turkey, this delicious salad is from the Gaziantep region. This salad is a marriage of sweet and juicy tomatoes with crunchy walnuts. Pomegranate molasses and sumac adds a final bold touch. Made with fresh tomatoes, white onion, sweet green pepper, persian cucumber, walnut and parsley. Dressed with olive oil, pomegranate molasses and sumac.
Hidden Treasure Portobello Steak - {Ozel Sos Marinasyonlu Portobello Biftegi}
It's vegan steak all in Turkish Kebab galore! We cannot think of Turkish cuisine without a fine grilled meat! That's why we created a Turkish style vegan steak. Our all natural secret spice combination meets with the finest portobello mushrooms to create a out of this world taste. Served with homemade walnut pomegranate sauce. Topped with spring onions and thyme.
Bulghur Rice with Dried Veggies - {Evde Kurutulmus Sebzeli Bulgur Pilavi}
Small Plate
The Chinese emperor Shen Nung declared bulghur one of five sacred crops along with rice, millet, barley and soybeans. Our version is made with homemade dried eggplant, green pepper, zuchhini, tomato, olive oil, thyme and basil.
Turkish Semolina Cheesecake - {Irmik Helvalı Peynirli Kek}
In Anatolia, the Asian part of Turkey, semolina has a social mission: it is shared with family and friends at events such as weddings, births and religious celebrations. Life, after all, is sweeter with a fine taste of a delicious dessert. A Turkish favorite dessert called "Irmik helvasi" combined with mastic gum custard made as 3 layer cheesecake. Made with semolina, pine nuts, almonds, rolled oats, cashew, rose water, mastic gum, almond milk and coconut oil. Topped with powdered cinnamon.


Turkish Sweetened Grape Raki Shot
Ottoman Sangria
Rose Mint Lemonade

à la Turka: 8 Course Vegan Bowl Edition

In-PersonPark La Brea, Los Angeles
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