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Vera Devera

San Francisco, CA


I love to cook and have been involved in the underground dining scene since 2004 -- first with the Ghetto Gourmet, and now Canvas Underground. My partner, Craig, and I are also launching CraVe, with an emphasis on vegan comfort food.

Here's how I got involved with food:
My best friend found the Ghet through a Craigslist’s posting in the singles section. She asked me to go and although we both live in Oakland, I hesitated at the thought of going to some “pirate restaurant”. My curiosity ousted my fear and I found myself sitting on top of dirty pillows on the floor of a basement apartment and eating fabulous small bites, such as hearts of palm wrapped with prosciutto and a drizzle of balsamic reduction, in a room full of 9 other strangers (not including my best friend and boyfriend). What I remember the most was feeling at home – Jeremy and Joe welcomed us with open arms and I soon became a regular diner, every Monday night. I was excited knowing I was participating in something illicit and yet I was making connections with people who shared the same interests or social connections as myself. It was like online social networking coming to life in person.