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Beets and goat cheese are a great pair that goes even better together inside deep-fried rice balls.

Beet and Goat Cheese Arancini

serving time16


  • 1/3 cup goat cheese, room temperature

  • 1 medium beet

  • Olive oil

  • Salt and pepper

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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- I've amped up these arancini with beets and goat cheese for a new twist on a classic dish. Let's get started. So our first step is we need to freeze our goat cheese. We wanna do this ahead of time. So I've got a little log of Chevre fresh goat cheese. We're just gonna take a little bit off and roll it into a ball. Stick it on a sheet tray with some parchment paper. And these are gonna go into the center of our arancini. And then when you cook them and then cut into them they're gonna just gush out with this beautiful goat cheese. And the reason we're freezing them is because if you just tried to roll the risotto around them just like this, it would get really messy, goopy, and you wouldn't necessarily get that really great center of goat cheese. So I've got 12 little goat cheese balls and these guys are gonna go into the freezer to set. Off we go. Okay. We have our frozen goat cheese balls, we've got risotto that I made earlier and let chill in the fridge so that we can roll our arancini. So let's get rolling. So this is just gonna go straight into our mixing bowl. Alright and now we're gonna bind this together so we'll add two eggs. We're gonna add bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese, and a bit of salt. And then we're just gonna mix this together and start shaping our arancini. Alright this is coming together very nicely. It's still got that great pink color. You really wanna make sure everything is evenly distributed through the rice. And we've got a baking dish of bread crumbs and we're gonna roll our arancini in the bread crumbs and then fry them. To roll them we're gonna take a ball of goat cheese, a bit of the rice mixture, and just form a ball around that goat cheese. Make sure that it's all sealed around. You don't wanna see that goat cheese. And the great thing is you can make these ahead of time. The whole thing can be frozen. It tastes just as good when you fry them up later. Okay so we've put our arancini rolled into more breadcrumbs and we're just gonna give them a little roll to coat them. It's just to keep everything inside, we're gonna get a beautiful golden color on these. So we're gonna get frying. In they go. Alright while these guys fry, we've got set up paper towels on a plate so these will drain when they come out of the oil. These look amazing. We wanna just give our arancini a little season now that they've come out of the fryer. Just got a little bit of salt, not a lot, just to add to the flavor right at the end. I wanna see how these look on the inside. Oh my goodness the goat cheese is all melty, the risotto is creamy and it's crispy on the outside. I'm gonna eat this one, you should go make these for sure.

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