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Your dusty, old books can now be on the cutting edge ... literally.

Book Knife Block


  • At least 5 different vintage books or cookbooks (all the same width)

  • 2-inch ribbon

  • Hot glue gun + glue sticks

  • Scissors


  1. Make sure your books are tall enough to accommodate your knives; arrange them accordingly.

  2. Using hot glue, glue your books cover to back all in a row. They should be lined up at the bottom for an even surface.

  3. Cut a piece of ribbon to the length of your books with 2 inches extra at each end. Glue one piece of the ribbon to the inside of the first book, then seal the entire book with glue. Take the other end of the ribbon and do the same thing to the last book in the stack, gluing in the ribbon first and sealing the cover closed. (The ribbon is basically keeping the books in between closed, and it's behind the knife block so that it should not be seen.)

  4. Add knives!

Book Knife Block




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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- So today I'm gonna tell you a story about a stack of books that were destined for a life of dust, but I rescued them off the shelf of despair and now they are going to be a place to store my knives, and I'm gonna show you how to do the same thing. So for our book knife lock, you're gonna need five books. We have five cookbooks here that we got from a thrift store and they all happen to be the same size, but you can use any book lying around your house, so let's start gluing them together. So that's the first step. We're gonna glue them with hot glue. You can use hot glue or you can use an industrial strength glue, like E6000, but we're gonna use hot glue because it's the easiest, and I'm just gonna move pretty quickly 'cause I don't want it to dry. I'm gonna glue as much of the surface area as I can. First book, boom. So it takes about the same amount of room up in your kitchen, and it looks even cooler than this thing, so, poof, begone knife block! We've got the new and improved knife block in town. We basically just have one step left, and that is essentially to seal the deal and we are gonna do that using ribbon, so this is about a two inch ribbon. You can use any ribbon. You can totally repurpose anything that you have around the house that might work, like an old kitchen rag, or a t-shirt, any piece of durable fabric. What you're gonna do next is cut a piece of ribbon about two inches longer than your books. So we're gonna use our ribbon to kind of consolidate the pages together so that it's one solid unit, so I'm just gonna go ahead and start gluing it, so I'm gonna glue my ribbon on first and then I'm gonna go ahead and glue the books shut. All right. That for a second, but that's the beauty of hot glue. It dries really quickly, too. As I said before, you could use a more industrial strength glue, but it would take at least six hours to dry, so. We don't have that kind of time on our hands today. So far, so good. Just gonna put it down on this side to dry. Make sure it's pretty tight, there's no slack in the ribbon. All right, here we go. So, what looks like an ordinary stack of books is now our beautiful knife rack. Oh my gosh, it looks so awesome. I'm so excited about how this turned out. Let's see what our knives are looking like in it! O M G. This is amazing. This looks amazing! I hope you felt very inspired by this DIY. Get out there, get to that bookshelf, and pick up some of those books that haven't been opened for years and give your kitchen some new life and some new decor.

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