• 1 6-inch store-bought cake of your choice
  • 1 8-inch store-bought cake of your choice
  • 3 cups green buttercream
  • 2 cups buttercream
  • Food coloring, assorted colors


  1. In a medium bowl, crumble 6-inch cake and combine with 1/2 cup of green buttercream. Form cake into 2 cactus arms and place in the freezer to set for up to 4 hours.
  2. Attach frozen cactus arms to 8-inch cake with dowels, and cover the entire cake with green buttercream. Set cake in fridge to firm.
  3. Color your buttercream with desired colors, and using several tips, pipe up to 12 flowers and place in the fridge to firm.
  4. Remove cactus cake from the fridge, and begin piping stripes in the cactus with the smallest circle tip. Pipe small spikes on the stripes. Pipe succulent leaves around the base with the second smallest round tip, and place set flowers around the cactus. Cake will keep up to 5 days covered in the fridge.