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Campfire Pizza

Julie Nolke

Never again be lost in the woods without pizza.

Campfire Pizza


  • 1 can of prepared pizza dough

  • 1 small can of pizza sauce

  • Olive oil

  • 2 tablespoons Sesame seeds

  • Garlic (whole head for roasting)

  • 1 onion

  • 1 Green pepper

  • Buratta cheese


  1. On a grill over a hot fire place you onion, garlic head and the pepper to char the outside slightly, rotating often about 15 minutes. Remove the garlic, onion and pepper from the fire and let cool sightly before chopping up. Set aside.

  2. Cut out the pizza dough to fit your skillet or whatever pan you have. Drizzle olive oil around the crust and then sprinkle with sesame seeds. Top with pizza sauce, roasted vegetables and pulled apart cheese. Cover with foil and bake over coals for 15-20.

Campfire Pizza




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox


- Today, we are out in the wilderness. We're camping and I wanted to show you how to make campfire pizza. Just because you're out here does not mean you shall be pizza deprived. I'm always looking out for you. So step number one is get our veggies roasted. Over here, I have got some bell pepper, onion, and a little bit of garlic. We're gonna roast that all up first before we add it to the pizza. You gotta use the fire. Fire is your best friend here. You gotta use that wood, that smoked flavor. We're gonna integrate it into every single portion of this pizza, just you wait. So just pop these on the grill and we'll get them roasty-toasty. Alright, so I'm just giving these a turn every now and then. I've got a good, good hot fire going. Wanna blister that skin, love that. So these are looking perfect, they've softened, we've got some blistered skin, good char on the inside. I'm gonna take them off and chop them up and then we'll just set them aside. Alright, next item to deal with is the pizza dough. Now I like buying these pre-prepared doughs that just come in the can like this. You can obviously make one, but camping is supposed to be fun. You're supposed to have more time to drink beers than should be spent making pizza dough, so I like bringing these. I'm all about that easy life. Oh.That one got me. Before I get it on my pan, I just wanna go down with a little bit of semolina or corn flour, whatever you've got, just to stop sticking. Alright, so I've got my makeshift counter here. I'm gonna unroll the pizza dough, beautiful. Flip it over on my hand and let's get it on that sheet. Perfect, okay, next step is let me show you how I do this crust up a little bit different. So I'm gonna douse it with a little bit of olive oil. Alright, and then my secret ingredient are a little bit of sesame seeds. I like to sprinkle them around and then press them into the crust. Then I wanna go on with a little bit of pizza sauce. Then I wanna do my vegetables that I grilled up. And the last thing I've got here is this gorgeous buratta which I'm gonna break over top, then we're gonna cover the top with some foil and get it on the grill. And there you go, that is my homemade campfire pizza. Oh, that garlic, and the creamy, dreamy cheese. I love this; this is eating gourmet while you're in the wilderness, you're welcome. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you get a chance to make this recipe and I will see you next time.