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Cassava Chips

Vijaya Selvaraju

Kick potatoes to the curb and get your crispy chip fix from a different root vegetable, cassava.

Cassava Chips


  • 1 cassava

  • Salt

  • Cayenne powder

  • Canola/vegetable oil


  1. Remove the top inch and bottom inch of the cassava. Peel away the thick skin until you can see the white flesh underneath.

  2. Using a slicer or mandolin, slice the cassava on the thinnest setting. This will result in a super crispy chip.

  3. Place sliced cassava on paper towels, and blot to remove excess moisture.

  4. In a high-sided pot, heat oil to 375 degrees. Cook chips in batches, without crowding the pan, until crisp and slightly golden. Drain on paper towels.

  5. While still warm, season with cayenne and salt to taste. Enjoy!

Cassava Chips




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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- Hey you guys, it's Vijaya. So I am a junk food fiend. I absolutely love potato chips. But today I'm kicking the potato to the curb and making some chips with cassava instead, and you'll be amazed at how super crunchy they are. They're so, so good. Let's get started. This is cassava. It's a tuber, which means that it grows underground, and it makes for a really great chip. So to start off I'm just gonna cut off the bottom. And then you're gonna just take a peeler or a knife and peel away as much of the tough exterior to reveal the white flesh underneath. So see how it's still kinda purpley here, you wanna get rid of that as we. Alright, so this, you guys, is a mandolin. It's fairly inexpensive. You can pick it up at a kitchen supply store or even an everyday department store. And this is gonna make for a really thin cassava chip. So just get slicin'. These look amazing. See how paper thin they are. So the thinner you get them, the crispier they're gonna be. And what I'm gonna do right now is they have a little bit of moisture coming off of them and I wanna blot that off because that's gonna make for an extra crispy chip. So you're just gonna take some everyday paper towel and then press on the cassava and that will help take off any excess moisture. My cassava is nice and dry and now it's time to fry it up. I have a little bit of oil that I've heated up to about 375 degrees, and you wanna drop these off, and by drop I mean really gently lower them into the oil, in small batches because you don't want to crowd the pan. So here we go. Oo-oo! And this will literally take seconds to crisp up. And see all those bubbles? That's the moisture escaping from the cassava. And what I'm looking for is for them to get nice and golden brown. And they're almost there. Now they're really, really nice and quiet and they're saying, "Vijaya pull me out!" So out them come. So I'm gonna get the next batch going. Gently lay it away from you. Alright, I'm gonna pull these out as well. Who would have thought that you could make chips at home so quickly. Go in with a little bit of salt, a little bit of cayenne chili powder. Okay, this one looks like the perfect one. Check it out, nice and crispy. That's the sound of that I'm looking for. Let's give it a taste. Mm-mm! I love the cassava as a chip. It's just extra crispy. It has that mega-crunch factor. And then topped off with a little bit of coarse sea salt and cayenne. It just puts it over the top. It couldn't be simpler to make chips at home.

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