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This week Laura teams up with Guy Turland of "Day Tripper" for the cutest collaboration of all time. Guy shows Laura how to make a raw Coconut Chili Slice (or "cake" if you don't speak Australian).

Coconut Chili Slice


  • 1 pound shredded coconut

  • 1 1/4 cups young coconut water

  • 20 Medjool dates

  • 1 tablespoon 100 percent cocoa powder

  • 1/2 pounds macadamia nuts

  • 1/4 pounds dried currants

  • 1/2 teaspoon chili flakes

  • Coconut oil (for lining the pan)


  1. Put shredded coconut into food processor with blade attachment and process for 30 min or till coconut turns to butter.

  2. Add coconut water and blend

  3. Then add chili flakes, cocoa powder, and maple syrup into food processor

  4. Scrape batter into a bowl and fold through macadamia nuts, dates and dried currants

  5. Spray or line desired spring form pan with oil

  6. Pour in mixture and refrigerate for half an hour till set.

Coconut Chili Slice

Avocado Ganache


  • 2 Avocadoes

  • 2 teaspoons 100 percent cocoa powder

  • 3 tablespoons maple syrup


  1. Place in food processor with blade attachment and process until smooth and combined

  2. Keep in a bowl until after cake has set up

  3. After the cake has set, pull it out of the fridge and cut around the edges to remove from spring form pan

  4. Pour ganache on top and spread over the cake

Avocado Ganache




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox


- Hi I'm Laura. Welcome back to Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. I actually brought a friend today who's right here. His name is Guy He is from Australia and if you don't understand what he's saying, that makes two of us. Guy has his own show on Tastemade. It's called Day Tripper. He has a channel called Bondi Harvest - [Guy] Nice accent. - Thank you and he has his own restaurant. - Yeah. - Those are all the bullet points I can remember. He's gonna show us how to make a raw chili slice. - [Guy] Yes, or cake. - Which means a cake. - [Guy] Yeah. So we've got some shredded coconut, we've got some maple syrup. We've got some awesome macadamia nuts native to Australia - We haven't used that on the show at all yet and I love macadamia nuts, so. - They're good, they're tasty. - I'm pumped about that. - We're gonna use some coconut water from a young coconut. Some dates, some carrots, some chili for a bit of spice, and some cocoa powder. It's gonna be tasty, healthy, it's exotic. Well the first step is turning this shredded coconut into a coconut butter. Don't make a mess, there you go. I knew that was gonna happen. - This is a disaster already - Why are we doing this? Why are we not just putting the shredded coconut straight into your recipe? - Yeah, so the idea is when you break it down into a butter once you put that in the fridge it sets again. So, you make the butter, you pour the ingredients in and then when you set it it sets the cake and holds all the slice and hold really really good. Otherwise it'll be a bunch of ingredients that wouldn't stick together. - And you use this kind of thing for vegan stuff because you don't have the luxury of using butter or things that will otherwise bind it together. - Exactly, and it's a cool process. - It's awesome, it's like magic. - It is like magic. - It's like magic, it's pretty cool. - So we'll turn this on, we'll get this blending. Alright, that's gonna take about half an hour. So I think we're gonna go for a walk, play some cards. Drink some coconuts, have a dance. - Did I get it? - Yeah. You got it. - Yes! How's it looking? - It's coming together. - Super. Boom! - [Guy] You reckon that looks ready? - Yup. - Yup, let's go. - So the machine is real hot. That happens. Totally normal. - It's amazing how it turns into butter. Yeah, so the next step is to throw in the chili cocoa powder and obviously the maple syrup. Combine that together, coconut water. - [Laura] We're just basically dumping everything. - [Guy] Yeah just dump it all in apart from the fruit and the nuts. - My kind of party. It's just the juice of this or the meat and juice? - Yeah, just the juice. Give it a blitz. - Give it a blitz. - And if you wanna start throwing in the cocoa powder, the chili. - How much of this is it? - [Guy] How hot do you want it? Wow. - Yup, straight in. And give it a blitz. - Oh yeah. - Yeah it's cool huh? Ma'am. - Thank you. - [Guy] So you're just literally gonna fold the other ingredients through. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna coconut oil the tin to stop it from sticking and chuck it in the fridge. - And I'm folding things into the batter. - [Guy] Yeah, you are. - [Laura] This is cool. - [Guy] Yeah it's a fun recipe. There's actually quite a large raw movement in Bondi. - [Laura] And where is Bondi? - Where is Bondai? - Great Britain? - Sorry it's in Australia. - It's in Sydney. So it's like we're the most popular beach in Sydney. Sort of large, sort of health movement. Everyone's sort of really healthy running, surfing and that sort of stuff so. - Sounds like it sucks. - It's a horrible place to be. - You're doing a great job. - [Guy] Thank you. - I don't think that's connected. - No, not yet. - Oh did you do that on purpose? Oh. Let me help you there, son Fantastic! - We're oiled and ready to go. - And now we're gonna dump this into there. - [Guy] Exactly. Simple as that. - [Laura] Roughly it's all just dumping. This is gonna be delicious. So it's all just gonna get really solid once you put it in the fridge. Do you sell this at your restaurant? - Yup. - Really? - Yeah. So we cut it into little slices and put a gluten-free granola on top as well. - Oh my god. - Yeah, sells really well. - [Laura] But you have to go to Bondi to get it. - [Guy] Yes, so you have to fly 13 hours to Sydney. - Worth it. - Definitely worth it. Well you can make it yourself now. So yeah, that's it. Chuck in the fridge, let it set. Alright so let's make a ganache. - A ganache. - Ganache? - A ganache. - Ganache. Damn accent. So again, food processor. - What is going in here? A couple avocados? - [Guy] Couple avocados Add your cocoa, add your syrup. Ganache. - [Laura] Ooh, this is good. This is a lot like the pudding that I make. - It is, yeah. I actually stole it from her recipe. - [Laura] A very creative copy. - Yeah that's cool, it'll give it another layer, another texture to the slice or the cake. It's quite a dense cake when it sits in the fridge. You get your crunchy nuts, and then you've got your beautiful soft almost like the icing. - Almost like the icing, on the cake. Really like frosting. Alright, what happens now? - [Guy] That's it. We get to ice our cake. Do you wanna taste, do you wanna take? - Yes. I'll use the back of the spoon. I think we need to blend it a little more. Just needs a little more love. - [Guy] That should be it, our slice should be set. We're ready to ice it. - [Laura] Let's do it. - Like I said it sets quite hard in the fridge so just grab a knife, run it on the outside and it'll pop out in one sort of gorgeous piece. Hopefully it holds together 'cause that'll be really embarrassing. - No one's judging you. - Except everybody. - Except everyone. - [Laura] I always do this wrong. - [Guy] Awesome. - Oh my God. - It looks good huh? - Yes. - And for you, madam. - This is very exciting. And then we just? - [Guy] Whack it on top. - [Laura] Ganache on top. - [Guy] Ganache? - [Laura] Ganache on top. I would never have thought of this. This whole collaboration thing. There's really something to this. Do you go over the sides? Do you wanna do this? - Yeah for sure. - [Laura] You have phenomenal technique. - [Guy] Thank you very much, awesome. - [Laura] Now do we put it back in the refrigerator? - No, eat it straight away. Yeah, 'cause I'm impatient. - That's fantastic. - And it looks tasty. - Let's do this. - Let's slice into this big fella. - Yes please. Oh, good God. You first. - [Guy] Me first? Ladies first. - No you're prettier. - No you hang up. - This is why I don't eat on camera. This is the real reason. - [Guy] You reckon? - I reckon that that is delicious. - It's good? - It's good. - And it's pretty easy too. And you get this wicked... the carrots and the dates and the - And the ganache. - Ganache? - Ganache. Ganache. - [Guy] I'm glad you like my recipe. - It is delicious. - Yeah, well. - I love it.