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Pineapple Snacks


  • Fresh Pineapple, chopped

  • Skewers

  • Blueberries

  • Fresh Rosemary Sprigs

  • Honey

  • Salt

  • Cayenne Powder


  1. Cut down and decorate each skewer with a rosemary top. Use tape to secure. Cut up the pineapple into bite sized pieces and place onto skewers starting with a blueberry and then 3 pieces of pineapple.

  2. Optional: finish with a little honey and a sprinkle of some cayenne powder and salt.

Pineapple Snacks

Fruit Slushies


  • 2 cups Coconut

  • 2 Kiwis, peeled

  • 3 small Guava

  • 1/2 a Mango

  • 1 cup Papaya

  • 1 cup Blueberries

  • 1 cup Blackberries

  • Pinch of salt

  • Coconut water

  • Optional: Liquor of your choosing


  1. In a food processor, combine the fruit pairing of your choice along with a pinch of salt. Blend until you have reached a smooth puree. Place into ice cube trays and freeze. Clean out blender and repeat with remaining flavours.

  2. To create drinks, add cubes of fruit puree along with some coconut water and your alcohol of choice.

Fruit Slushies




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox


- Today we are talking about a vacation that you can do at home. We're having a party and it is going to be a tropical staycation. There's no need to leave and spend all that money when you can enjoy the tropics right at home, or just about, close enough. It's gonna be great! I'm gonna show you some recipes and some tips and some things that you can bring to make your tropical vibe awesome. So the first few things are just things I picked up at the store that I thought would make this pretty darn fun. So I got myself a really cute beach towel that has flamingos on it. All of these items I purchased at Indigo, but you can get similar things on Amazon or anything like that. Next thing I got is a watermelon pool float. A very tropical-esque. Light, airy fruit is gonna be a big theme today. I also picked up this matching set. So I've got this large platter that I thought would be great for little snacks or I thought could host the drinks that we'll be making later. I'm gonna show you that recipe in a second. But check out how cool these glasses are. So let's jump into one of the recipes. The first thing I wanna make is little snacks that are light and fresh but have a bite of flavor. So grab yourself a fresh pineapple or get some of those fresh pineapple chunks. Can stuff is not gonna work. So I'm just gonna cut this up really quickly. You wanna take the top off and just save that, that's good decoration. So now I'm gonna get the skin off and I'm gonna cut it into bite sized pieces. Just nice big chunks, and you want them to be pretty square. So an even width as they are height as they are depth, because we're gonna put them on skewers. Okay, so now we wanna create our skewers. This part is optional, but I think it looks really cute. So I'm gonna take a bamboo skewer and just cut it in half. And then I've got some fresh rosemary. Now what I wanna do is I wanna make these skewers actually look like a little pineapple, so gonna take a little piece of rosemary and give it a trim. And I've got a little bit of tape here. And we're just gonna tape the rosemary to the ends of our bamboo skewer. So, now I wanna build. I'm gonna start with a blueberry. I've got these nice big fleshy ones. I'm going to stack my pineapple. I think three works perfectly for half a skewer. And your finished skewers are gonna look like that, but they're not quite done. I wanted to add a little more bite, a little more flavor, and there's nothing that goes better with pineapple than a little bit of spice. So I've got some honey, that's gonna be our glue. And we're gonna just drizzle over all our skewers. This is gonna be messy, but you know what? You're out in the sun, it's beautiful. You can lick your fingers. Nobody's gonna hold it against you. Get this, I've got some Fleur de Sel which is basically just larger flaked sea salt. I'm gonna sprinkle a little bit over the top. Salt is amazing on fruit. It does this amazing thing where it brings out the sweetness, adds a little bit more punch to it, doesn't make it savory whatsoever. Now this next item is cayenne pepper. We're gonna sprinkle a little bit on top of each pineapple. It's gonna be delicious. These are not your average skewers. Perfect, so I'm gonna get these on a platter, wrap 'em with a little bit of plastic wrap and keep them in the fridge until it's time for the party. And now let's move on to the drinks. These are gonna be tropical fruit slushies with optional alcohol if you so choose. I'm gonna make different flavors of pureed ice cubes that will then be combined into a blender in different color coordinating patterns to be blended up with a bit of coconut water and then of course you add your alcohol, if you like. So let's talk about the first combination. I've got papaya and mango, that's gonna be our bright orange color and delicious tasting. I'm gonna get both of those peeled and popped into my food processor with a pinch of salt. Again, salt and fruit, they love each other. So I wanna get that pureed and then put into my ice cube mold. Next flavor is coconut. Repeat the process, a little pinch of salt. I'm doing blueberry and blackberry for our indigo color, and I'm going to add salt again as well. Get that nice and pureed. And for this last one we're going with a greenish color. I'm doing kiwi and mini guavas. So the thing about mini guavas is that the seeds aren't actually chewable. You kind of just swallow them, which is fine when you're eating but not when you're drinking. So I'm actually going to puree them and then strain out any remaining seeds, and get that in my ice cube mold. All right, I'm gonna let those freeze overnight and then tomorrow we are going to enjoy our tropical staycation. So to mix our drinks we're gonna keep the colors separate and incorporate a little bit of coconut water into the blender. Then blend with your favorite alcohol and layer the colors as you like, or combine them all together. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you next time.