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Easy Unicorn Cake

Vijaya Selvaraju

This magical cake is sweet, colorful, and topped with confetti-covered ice cream cones and cotton candy.

Easy Unicorn Cake


  • 1 package store-bought vanilla cake mix

  • Purple, pink and blue gel food coloring

  • 1 cup unsalted butter

  • 3 teaspoons vanilla extract

  • 6 cups powdered sugar

  • 1/2 cup cream

  • 8 to 10 sugar cones

  • Round rainbow sprinkles

  • Pink, purple and blue cotton candy


  1. Grease and line two 9-inch cake tins. Prepare cake batter according to package instructions, and divide evenly into 4 bowls.

  2. Add a little bit of purple, pink, and blue gel food coloring to 3 of the bowls, leaving the last one plain. Mix, and add more gel until a deep saturated shade of each color forms.

  3. Pour 3/4 of the purple batter into the middle of the first pan, then pour in 2/3 of the blue batter, followed by 1/3 of the white batter, and 1/4 of the pink batter. (The batters will spread out as you layer them, creating distinct circles of color.)

  4. Into the middle of the second pan, pour 3/4 of the pink batter, followed by 2/3 cup of white batter, 1/3 of the blue batter, and 1/4 of the purple batter.

  5. Bake the cakes according to package instructions. Un-mold, and allow to completely cool.

  6. To prepare buttercream, whisk together butter, vanilla and powdered sugar until fluffy. Slowly add cream, until the mixture is thick, smooth and spreadable.

  7. Trim sugar cones so that they are approximately 3 inches in height. Coat cones in buttercream, and roll in rainbow sprinkles. Place in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes to set.

  8. Spread buttercream on one cake layer, and top with the second. Completely cover both cakes in buttercream, and spread to create a smooth surface.

  9. Place sugar cones evenly over the perimeter of the top layer of cake. Tear off pieces of cotton candy and cover the middle of the cake to represent a unicorn’s mane. Scatter some extra sprinkles over the top of the cotton candy, and press some along the base of the cake to create some extra drama. Enjoy!

Easy Unicorn Cake




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox


- This unicorn cake looks super elaborate. It's really easy to make. Let me show you how. I'm gonna start by making the batter for the unicorn cake, and I wanna make it super simple for you guys, so I'm using good old store bought cake mix. So, in goes the cake mix. And then, you're gonna follow the instructions on the box. So, a little bit of water, some vegetable oil, and some eggs. Because we're making a unicorn cake, I thought it would be super fitting to use this colorful whisk. You just wanna mix everything up until it's nice and incorporated. Now that the cake batter has been mixed, I'm gonna divide it into four different containers as evenly as I possibly can. Now it's time to color the batter. So, I have some gel food coloring here, 'cause you want it nice and bright. So, I have some pink, some purple, and some blue, and we're gonna leave the last one plain. So, just get a little wooden stick like this and then just start swirling it in. And already, look at that insane deep blue color. All right, that's one color done, two more to go. We're gonna create circles of color, so the very first batter that you pour in, you're gonna pour the majority of it in and hold on to a little bit for the next cake tin. So, you just wanna pour it towards the middle. And that's just about enough for our next cake. So, next is the white. Again, you're gonna pour it towards the middle, and you're gonna use about half of the batter. Then, we're gonna do about 1/3 of the blue batter. And last, but not least, a little touch of purple. So, as you let the batter sit, it'll spread out and fill out the tin, and then we're gonna do the reverse colors in the next tin. So, if you still find that the batter hasn't reached the edge of the tins, give it a little bit of help and just rotate it every so slightly. And then, that way it will reach the edges of the tin. So, what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna pop this into an oven. You're just gonna follow the instructions on the box and bake them until they're nice and firm. So, I've pulled my cakes out of the oven, they've completely cooled down, and now is the fun bit, we're gonna frost them. We're going with our first cake. Just take a huge honking scoop of frosting like this right in the middle, and just spread it out. And onto our next cake. So, what I like to do is this cake is gonna be flipped upside down, so this is the bottom of the cake. And that way, the top will be nice and flat. I'm just gonna smooth it out. Don't worry if your frosting isn't perfect, mine clearly isn't. But that's okay, because we're gonna decorate it, and that's when it's gonna get all magical and beautiful. All right, so these are waffle cones, and I've just trimmed them so they're a little smaller. And then, all your gonna do is you're gonna take the same buttercream that we used to frost the cake, and you're just gonna smooth it out over the waffle cone. And that's gonna give us a perfect base for our sprinkles to stick. And now is the fun bit. We have these colorful rainbow, unicorn-like sprinkles, and all you're gonna do is just rotate your cone into the sprinkles. And just like that, you have a unicorn horn. So, I'm gonna continue doing this, 'cause we're gonna have the cones all around the perimeter of the cake. We're gonna just place them on top of the cake. You might wanna push down just a little bit so that they stay put. A unicorn, of course, has a mane, right? And you know what I'm gonna make my mane out of? Girl, some cotton candy. Just grab little chunks of it and just spread them out however you like. We're gonna go in with a few more sprinkles because I'm just that kind of girl. So, I'm gonna clear my station up, because then we're gonna cut into the cake and you will see the magic of the unicorn come through. Now, let's cut a slice. I can't wait for you guys to see what it looks like on the inside. Great. Dude, I think you guys are gonna be psyched by this. What? What? That is a super cool looking unicorn cake. Look at all of those colors, the cotton candy mane, the crunchy sugar cone dipped in sprinkles to resemble a unicorn's horn. Dudes, if you're gonna get in on this trend, make this cake. You're gonna love it.