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Affogato 3 Ways

Frankie Celenza

Affogato is simply ice cream and coffee, but why not get creative with matcha and espresso too?

Affogato: Matcha


  • 3 teaspoons matcha powder

  • 1 cup hot water

  • 3 scoops coconut ice cream

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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- We're gonna mix ice cream and coffee and tea and ice cream. It's gonna be wild. But before we do that I'm gonna show you how you can save a whole bunch of money brewing your own coffee. Affogato, this is probably the simplest of all Italian desserts. And it starts with this invention right here. The moka. Invented by Mr. Bialetti. It is the simplest coffee machine on the planet and requires almost no maintenance. You can't even clean it with soap you're not allowed to. So you start by filling the base with water to the release valve. Never above it. That's your water line. Half way. Great. Now you put in your basket. Come in with a There we go. Which is a long large spoon. And, the southern Italians will say that you want to get compression in here and really build the coffee up and crank the top on so that pressure's down. The northern Italians will tell you no compression at all. I tend to go with the northern Italians ones on this one. Just because I find it's bitter with the compression. Make sure you have a clean edge with your finger so that the seal which is right here, the only part you have to replace every half decade is free and clear to mate with the stainless steel. So this screws on. And you want to go about 75%. And now we wait. Our purpose of this recipe is to make affogato. You can here it . And you know it's done when you see fog come out of this spout. That's it. So look, all done. So there's coffee. Now, we're gonna make cafe correcto which means, a correct coffee. Here we have espresso. And this is sambuca. This is a licorice liqueur. It serves as a sweetener and flavor enhancer. This is the stuff. That's unbelievable, it almost tastes like candy. Now we're gonna make some matcha tea. One, two, three. And we will pour just a little bit. It's very important that you have a bamboo whisk. And you want to create a little matcha paste here. Okay. Wonderful. Nutty tea smell. Okay. Affogato is simply ice cream and coffee. Affogate, the Italian verb to drown is depicting what is happening to this poor scoop of ice cream. It is drowning in a sea of caffeine and exotic beans from the north Africas. Here we have vanilla. Rum raisin. Coconut ice cream. So here's the deal people. Traditional vanilla and espresso. Oh my goodness. It's drowning, it's unbelievable. The cafe correcto, the sambuca with the rum raisin. Wonderful. So I see matcha and coconut as a perfect pair. Oh baby. Wow. Ooh. Rum raisin and sambuca's pretty damn good. Let's try this matcha coconut. Very very interesting. It's almost like a green tea ice cream. It basically is green tea ice cream. People, get out there. Drown some ice cram in coffee.

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