Galaxy Cube Cake

Julie joins the galaxy bandwagon and launches her version of a delightful interstellar dessert.


  • 1 Vanilla Box Cake
  • Purple Gel Food Color
  • Blue Gel food Color
  • Vanilla Buttercream icing
  • Black, purple and blue Fondant
  • Black Lustre Dust


  1. Follow the instructions on the box cake to prepare the batter and then divide it between two bowls. Dye one bowl blue and the other purple. Pour the cake batter into desired tin by alternating small amounts of each colour. After a few additions use a tooth pick or skewer to swirl the colours. Fill the tin 3/4 full and then bake at 350˚F for recommended time on the package. Let cool completely before covering in a thin layer of icing.
  2. For the fondant combine small amounts of the blue, purple and black and squeeze them together. To integrate the colours you can either knead or stretch and fold. Once the desired look is achieved, roll out the fondant to 1/2 centimeters thick and drape over the iced cake. Smooth the fondant over all sides and trim the corners with scissors to create neat edges. Remove any remaining excess fondant before brushing the entire cake with a thin sheen of lustre dust.