Garlic Confit

Garlic Confit

Casey Corn

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Garlic cloves cooked low and slow are not just great on their own, but make a fragrant olive oil as well.

Garlic Confit


  • 1 cup garlic cloves

  • 1 1/2 cups olive oil


  1. Peel all garlic cloves and add to a small pot.

  2. Cover with olive oil, and cook over very low heat until garlic is soft and golden, about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Let cool.





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- Today, I'm gonna show you a super easy way to upgrade your garlic game. Let's get started. So to start our garlic confit, we're going to add our garlic to our pan. This is really difficult, guys, so watch closely. Garlic into our pan. I'm gonna cover it with some extra virgin olive oil and we're gonna turn our heat on low. Low, low, low. As low as it gets. So our garlic is confiting in our olive oil and what that means is just to cook really low and slow in fat. So we've got our garlic cloves and they are confiting in our olive oil, that's our fat, and there's so many ways that you can use garlic confit. I'm gonna show you a couple. I've got a few things in the fridge that I'm gonna grab and we'll get cooking. Alright, so I've just pulled out the basics for a caprese salad and the great thing about this recipe is you actually get two things, you get your garlic confit and you also get garlic oil. So I'm gonna show you a way to use both things and then of course, you can use this recipe to upgrade any recipe that calls for garlic. So I've got my pan of garlic confit and it's still a little bit warm but the garlic is golden, the oil just smells amazingly like garlic. We're just gonna drizzle some of this oil over the top of our beautiful caprese salad. This is gonna just upgrade your caprese. Anytime you wanna use olive oil, just use your garlic oil. We'll add some salt and some black pepper. Throw some basil on there and that's your caprese with garlic oil but you also have this beautiful garlic confit. So we're gonna take a little crostini, baguette and we're just gonna smoosh one of these garlic cloves right on there and you can eat these just as is. They're sweet and roasty. They're not pungent like raw garlic is so don't be scared to go a little bit above and beyond with this one and that's gonna go perfectly with our caprese. Do one more. Alright. We've got two of our little garlic crostini. Add these to our caprese and then just pop the rest of your garlic confit in a container, stick it in the fridge. It'll last for a while. You're definitely gonna use it before it goes bad because you can literally put it in anything. This recipe is a great upgrade for your kitchen because anytime you use garlic in a recipe, just pop in some garlic confit instead. It's just gonna give it a little bit of an extra special flavor. You're gonna love it.

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