Gold Leaf Ornaments

Homemade and inexpensive, gold leaf ornaments are a perfect complement to silver bells.


  • Toothpicks
  • Skewers or chopsticks
  • 1 large piece of foam
  • Round ornaments, various colors and sizes
  • Gold leaf (4 small bulbs or 2 large bulbs will use about 1 medium sheet.)
  • Glue adhesive
  • 2 small paint brushes
  • 1 spool rustic twine


  1. Start by sticking the toothpicks (for smaller bulbs) and the skewers or chopsticks (for larger bulbs) into the foam. This is where you will place the bulbs while they dry.
  2. Remove the tops from the ornaments. Save for later.
  3. Using one of the paint brushes, brush some of the adhesive on the bottom of the ornaments. You want a thin coat with no drips. It doesn't need to be perfect or even. I like to do it kind of jagged so the gold leaf looks rustic.
  4. Place the ornaments upside down onto the sticks and skewers. Let dry for 20 minutes, or until the adhesive goes from white to clear and tacky.
  5. Next, place some of the gold leaf on the sticky part of the ornament. Gently press in. Using the other clean paintbrush remove excess gold leaf. It's ok if some comes off or moves around. It doesn't have to look perfect. Continue with remaining bulbs and gold leaf.
  6. Place back onto the drying rack and let sit overnight to dry fully.
  7. Next day, place the tops back onto the ornaments and, if placing onto a tree, loop some rustic twine through the tops and tie tightly.