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Grilled Cheese Tower

Julian Rodarte

There's no such thing as too much grilled cheese or too many donuts, so why not pile them high with slabs of bacon in between?

Grilled Cheese Tower

serving time6


  • 24 slices bacon

  • 6 glazed doughnuts, sliced in half

  • 12 slices Swiss cheese

  • 12 slices American cheese

  • 1 skewer

  • 1 small cube of cheese


  1. In a cast-iron pan, cook bacon until crispy. Remove bacon to a paper-towel lined plate, leaving the rendered bacon fat in the pan.

  2. Reduce heat to medium-low and add doughnut halves, insides facing down. Place one slice of each kind of cheese on top of half of the doughnut halves. Allow doughnuts to toast and cheese to melt, then top cheese-covered doughnuts with the plain ones and remove from pan. Continue with remaining doughnuts and cheese.

  3. Insert a skewer into a small cube of cheese and stand up on a plate. Add one doughnut sandwich, followed by a layer of bacon. Continue alternating doughnut sandwiches and bacon, ending with a doughnut sandwich on top.

Grilled Cheese Tower




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox


- What's up guys? I'm Julian. This is the ultimate grilled cheese tower. Yes, using donuts. I know, mind blowing. But the same old, same old with the just white bread just wasn't doing it for me. You've gotta check this out. Let's get started. The ultimate grilled cheese tower. What we're doing is we're actually going to be using donuts to get the ultimate sweet, salty combination, a delicious marriage of flavors in our mouth. We're also gonna be adding some bacon and two different types of cheese. Super excited about this. Let's get started. First thing we're gonna do is we're gonna cut these donuts in half. Just like that. So now, what we're actually going to do is we're gonna flip these around and we're gonna toast these sides. What I've done is, I've cooked off some bacon, and I'm gonna use that fat from the bacon to be the butter on these donuts. That is gonna add so much more flavor. We're putting our donuts in our pan. About medium to low heat. So, put my first donuts in there. I'm gonna start adding my cheese. So I got Swiss, and American. The reason I decided these two combinations is because the American is going to be kind of salty and really going to melt extremely well. The Swiss adds a big contrast of flavor. In the same way we've got that sweet and salty, we've got two cheeses with big contrasting flavors. So I'm gonna place one slice of each on my donuts. Let 'em toast. Turn my heat up just a little bit. And then once you have one side nice, golden brown and toasted, flip it up, put it right on there. Start adding some more. So, using a flat metal spatula, best way to flip one is just go for the very, very bottom, and then flip it right over. All right, so we have our first two done. It smells delicious. The caramelizing of the sugars that are on the donut itself, melted cheese; just smells like a really good time. So now it's time to assemble. What you wanna do is actually have a little thing of cheese, any kind of really soft meat, or cheese that can be punctured by a little skewer, and then stand it on it's own. Just like that. And what we're gonna do is we're essentially going to build the these on this tower. Because again, this is the ultimate grilled cheese tower. So I'm gonna start putting these on here. Just going straight down. And as I do one level, I'm now going to put my bacon in between. More bacon. You can never put too much bacon. So, this is a super fun, party appetizer. Maybe you have a Superbowl party and you're like, man, what am I gonna do to impress the guys? This right here, I guarantee you, they've never seen anything like it. There we go. The ultimate grilled cheese tower. Should I just take a bit of the full thing, or should I take a piece off? A little bit of the bacon in there. Yeah, that's sexy. Oh yeah. Mm. So delicious. Sweet, salty, savory, crunch, gooey. Everything; just explosions in your mouth. I'm telling you, your friends will never stop talking about this. You'll be the most popular person around. You gotta check this out. You gotta make it. Tag me in it. Show all your friends. I can't wait to see what your grilled cheese towers taste like, look like, all the above.