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With a variety of tasty flavors and textures, this unforgettable appetizer will be the life of the party.

How to Create a Gorgeous Cheeseboard for a Party


  • 5 slabs of cheese ranging from hard to soft (i.e., Brie, Parmesan, Swiss, Gruyere, blue, etc.)

  • 2 bunches of grapes, in different colors

  • 1 pound olives of choice

  • 1/2 pounds dates

  • 1/2 pounds prunes

  • 1/2 pounds toasted cashews

  • 1/2 pounds toasted almonds

  • About 8 pieces of seasonal fruit (persimmons, clementines, pears, apples)

  • Fresh seasonal herbs (rosemary, marjoram, sage)

  • Breadsticks and crackers of choice

  • 2-3 interesting jams (apple butter, pumpkin spice butter) in little jars with small spoons


  1. First, place pieces of cheese around the board in random places. Next, separate the bunches of grapes slightly and place in random spots around the board, evenly distributing the different colors.

  2. Place handfuls of olives in 3 different spots on the board, and do the same with the dates, prunes, cashews and almonds, being sure to distribute them evenly.

  3. Peel the clementines and separate the pieces. Place bunches around the board. Slice the pears, apples and persimmons into thin slices and fan out. Add to the board, tucking parts of the fruit under the piles of dried fruit and olives.

  4. Randomly place bunches of seasonal herbs around the board to give nice color, earthiness and aroma.

  5. Place breadsticks in a shallow cup and place on the board. This creates different heights and gives more depth. Place the other crackers around the board, fanning some out if desired.

  6. Lastly, find a place to tuck in your little jars of jam. Label your cheeses with flags so your guests know what they're eating, and place a few cheese knives around the board next to the cheeses.

How to Create a Gorgeous Cheeseboard for a Party




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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- This cheeseboard is jam-packed with so many different flavors and textures and as long as you know the key components, it's super simple to put together. Let's go cut the cheese. Obviously for a cheeseboard you gotta have a nice assortment of cheeses. So I like to use some hard, some soft cheeses, some goat, some sheep's milk cheeses, some cow cheeses, a nice array of cheeses. So I've narrowed it down to my top four for this board. La Tur, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Stilton blue and French triple cream. And I think it'll look really pretty. We have some high, some low, different colors. So we're just putting them all over the board. One kind of on each corner of the board. Okay, so in assembling a cheeseboard I always like to work according to size. So I put my cheeses on first and then the next biggest thing is the fruit. So I have a nice little assortment of fruit here. I have some green grapes, some purple grapes. And you wanna a little bit of everything on all parts of the board. So we have some cute little baby apples here. Just gonna put them right on our board. And you're basically just making little piles of things. So we have some pears over here. Kind of pile them up in the corner there. All right, so let's continue with some salty components here. We have some marcona almonds, which are one of my favorite kind of almonds. And we're just gonna make these little piles. And some cashews, roasted and salted. Really good. And all these things go so beautifully with cheeses. Next we have some different olives here, three different colors. Again, it's all about the colors. So let's do some green olives in this section. We have some Kalamata olive here. These are kind of little baby ones. These black kind of pruny olives. You could already see this is starting to come together, starting to look beautiful, little pops of color all throughout the board. Okay, so next we're gonna add in some more sweet components here. We have some cranberries, which are also just really good to pick at, and add some nice color. All right so here are some little peppers, sweet little peppers. They also add gorgeous color. Now we have some mustard, some full grain mustard. I'm just gonna put this right here in this dish. Just so people can dip into it. And then we have a sweet pepper jam, and we have a fig jam. Perfect. We have our quince jam, so we're just gonna take a little slice of this, 'cause this is really good. And then of course you need your crackers to go with the cheeseboard. So I have made sure to leave enough space for these guys. Here we have some really, really gorgeous crackers studded with all nuts and seeds and cranberries. These are gorgeous. So just kind of fan them out a little bit and tuck them into your board. These little Parmesan crisps are always really good. Here we have some little croutons. Kind of fill in this area here. Stand up Mr. Cheese. Let's just tuck a few dates into here. All right, so we have our sweet, our salty, our briny, crunchy, smooth, you have it all going on here. The only last component is adding some beautiful garnish, fresh rosemary. Just gonna tuck these in. All right, and there you have it. A really beautiful, seasonal and festive cheeseboard. Hope you enjoy.

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