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What happens when Laura Miller and Chef Guy Turland of Bondi Harvest meet up to go on an adventure? Well, you're just going to have to watch to find out.



  • 3 lemons, halved

  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds

  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup

  • 2 cups sparkling water

  • 2 fresh mint sprigs


  1. Squeeze lemon juice directly into jug.

  2. Add chia seeds, maple syrup and sparkling water, stir to combine.

  3. Divide into 2 mason jars with fresh mint sprigs.

  4. Enjoy!


Roasted Pumpkin, Pickled Mushrooms and Bruschetta


  • 4-6 garlic cloves, peeled

  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper

  • 1 teaspoon fresh rosemary

  • 1 teaspoon fresh thyme

  • 1/4 cup olive oil

  • 1 cup fresh mushroom, roughly chopped + Juice of 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon white wine vinegar and 1/2 cup fresh mixed herb leaves; mint, parsley, oregano

  • 2 slices vegan bread, thinly sliced + Grape tomatoes, to garnish


  1. Preheat oven to 350F.

  2. Transfer butternut squash cubes and garlic cloves to parchment-lined baking sheet, drizzle with oil.

  3. Season squash with salt and pepper then sprinkle with rosemary and thyme. Toss to combine.

  4. Roast squash for 20-30 minutes, or until softened.

  5. Allow squash to cool and reserve until ready to use.

  6. In a bowl, add mushrooms and squeeze fresh lemon juice directly into the bowl and drizzle mushrooms with olive oil and vinegar; toss to coat the mushrooms.

  7. Add the fresh herb leaves, using your hands to massage them into the mushrooms.

  8. Allow mushrooms to marinate for 5-10 minutes.

  9. Using a fork, smash 3-4 forkfulls of squash onto each slice of bread.

  10. Top with 1-2 spoons of pickled mushrooms

  11. Garnish with whole grape tomatoes.

Roasted Pumpkin, Pickled Mushrooms and Bruschetta




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox


- Hi guys, it's Laura. I am in Malibu, Solstice Canyon for a hike. And I am always super-jealous of DayTripper, 'cause they always go on the awesomest hikes and make all these recipes. And guess who's here to come with me today? It's Guy! - Thanks for showing me around. - Hell yeah. - Yeah, don't get us lost. - I won't, and there's also an extra-special secret surprise at the end of this hike. - I've got a surprise for you as well. - Cool. - I see you've brought your guard dog with you. - I have a bodyguard, yes. - Oh, well, I'm not messing with this guy. Check it out. - Woo! - How awesome is that? - Ocean. - Want to go for a surf later? - Yeah, let's do it. - Yeah, we do. Buzz, can you swim? - Put Buzz on the bottom of my board. - He'd love it. - You know what? You should come to Bondi and do some soft sand running. And some surfing, too. - I'll wash hella dishes. - Well, seriously come out. I'll give you a job at a cafe. - Really? - Yeah. It's an epic view. - [Laura] Mhmm. We can yacht out there later. - Did you bring your yacht? - Yeah, I got like, four back. Totally rich. - This vegan gig is doing well. - Oh yeah. It's a vegan yacht. Ulra. - [Guy] Do you guys eat trail mix when you walk? - [Laura] By you guys do you mean me and Buzz? - Well yeah, I suppose. Well, let's make some trail mix, which should've consist of dried fruit and nuts and goji berries. And that sort of, like, energy kick while you're walking. - In America, we like to put a little something in. - [Guy] A little extra? - A little extra delicious. - Like what? - Like chocolate. - Ah, really. Like M,M's and all that sort of. - French Fries. - All those yummies. All that yummy American goodness. - Chicken McNuggets. - Ah, well, let's make some Aussie trail mix. It's just nuts and dried fruit pretty much. No chocolate, but the idea is that it's sort of slow-release energy as you're going for your trek so you don't get tired. Lots of dried fruit, some awesome goji berries. You know what these are. These are the best. Pumpkin seeds. - You think this is all raw vegan? And not gross. - Definitely not gross. Almonds. - That's a nice trail mix. - I thought it was going to come out then. - Nice and cashew top-heavy. - [Guy] I like that. - Oh man, this is the life. - [Both] Yeah! - This is not going to work. - Yeah! - I'm quite an athlete. I think we're getting close. Wait, hold up. Besides that, do you hear anything else? - Is that the running water? - Maybe. - [Guy] Is there a waterfall down there? - [Laura] It might be. - [Guy] Might be, okay. - Let's keep going. - You're not giving much at all. - [Laura] Nope. - Let's go, Buzz, let's go. What is that? - [Laura] Well, it's a house that actually burned down. - [Guy] So someone actually lived in here, in amongst. - Yes. - A long time ago, obviously. - And there's a really awesome garden. - [Guy] So that explains those random trees that popped up from nowhere that shouldn't be here. - [Laura] Yeah, lots of tropical stuff. Let's go check it out, let's see it. - [Guy] So cool. - "Since age 16, Missouri native Fred Roberts wanted to own a ranch." Oh my God! There was a waterfall out their kitchen window. "From a natural spring that cascaded "down the rocks to the pools behind the house." Man! - You know what I've noticed? Is there are multiple chimneys and multiple fireplaces. Don't get me wrong, I love a fireplace, but. - It gets real cold in LA, so. You've gotta have heat in every room. And these are obviously not native plants. There's palm trees, there's birds of paradise here. - Is that a lemon tree? I'm thinking of making some lemonade. Do you want to get that one for me? - Yeah. Just put me on your shoulders. And this is a bomb shelter, which they used as a pantry. - Oh really? That's a pretty awesome pantry. They were over-cautious. - Let's just say cautious. - Cautious, good. - Oh look. - Another stove? - This is a whole stove setup. Oh my God. And Ben loves Anne. - That's so cute. - Was this a pool? That's awesome. - This guy actually built a mansion, didn't he? That's out of control. - This is so cool. Buzz, I wish you were more excited. - Do you want to cook? - [Laura] Yeah! - The food I've got ready for you? - Mhmm. - Do you want me to tell you what it is? - No, surprise. - [Guy] Okay. - I gave you the best surprise. So what are we making today? - We're going to do two things. So I'm gonna get you to make a lemonade. Also gonna do some, like a bruschetta using roast pumpkin. - Butternut squash to the American folk. - That's what you call it? - [Laura] Mhmm. - Yeah? Butternut squash as well. - I feel like I'm on a day trip. - I feel like you're taking me on a day trip. - Mhmm, let's do it. - So we're just, slice our lemons in half. - [Laura] Now I just juice it straight into the jars? - [Guy] Yeah, squeeze it straight into the jars. - Awesome. How much do we, where we puttin' in here? I mean, I'm just squeezing a bunch in. - [Guy] About a lemon and a half for each little jar. I mean, it depends on how tart you want your lemonade. You can get more if you'd like. - Oh, I am. - So, we're gonna throw some chia seeds in there as well. - They're real good for you. - [Guy] How much do you want? - I don't know, like a tablespoon each, or is that too much? - I feel like a drug dealer. How much you want, man? How much you want in your lemonade? - [Laura] I'm good for it, I swear. Oh yeah. - [Guy] And some maple syrup. - Also a good source of zinc. Bubbly? A little bubbly in here? Perfect. This actually, all that's missing here is some tequila. - [Guy] Did we bring tequila? - No. I mean, that would've been the best. That would've been a really good move right there. - Cheers. - Mmm. Really packs a punch. - Mm. It's good. Ah, what do you reckon, time to eat? - Mhmm. - When I made this recipe, I was sort of thinking of a recipe that would be obviously vegetarian, tasty. It'll be my take on a bruschetta. We've gotta pick a lot of mushrooms. So we're just gonna chop them nice and small. So we throw them straight into a bowl. So we need some acid, so I'm gonna do some lemon juice. So we're just going to squeeze it straight into our mushrooms. - [Laura] Oh yeah, they're just gonna absorb that. - Yeah, they're like big sponges. So this is about a tablespoon of olive oil. And probably a teaspoon of white wine vinegar. - [Laura] Just a smidge, just a little bit. Yeah, get your hands in, get your hiking hands in there. - [Guy] Oh yeah, it'll be fine. - [Laura] Yeah, those mushrooms are just soaking it up. - [Guy] Add these mixed herbs. Mint, some parsley, some oregano, straight in the bowl. So now, just sort of mix those herbs. Sort of give 'em a bit of a massage into those mushrooms as well. It's pickling away. - Set it aside to marinate over here. - Exactly, and then we're gonna mush up our roast pumpkin. - So explain what's happening in this concoction here? - Okay, so it's just butternut pumpkin. And I've sort of diced it up and. - Oh my God, it smells so good. I just got a huge waft. - So it's a bit of a, little bit of olive oil. Salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, thyme. So it was in the oven for about 20 minutes to half an hour. At about 180 degrees, which I think is about 300 Fahrenheit, maybe? - [Laura] Mmm. - Do you want to give that a sort of, mush up to like a puree for us? - Oh yeah. Oh, it smells so good. - We hunted out this sort of vegan toast. I've actually never had this before. But I've sourced it out to make sure it's aligned with you. - Aww, thank you. - But the idea is, we're going to lay this up, so we're going to go mashed pumpkin on the base. So, you know, it's super-sweet. Full of flavor. And then we're going to layer it with our pickled mushroom salad. And last but not least, some tomatoes. I'm gonna put 'em on whole. - [Laura] We're gonna be taking some big bites in here. And that's it? - [Guy] That's it, that's our, uh. - [Laura] It looks amazing. - Smashed mum, smashed mumpkin? - I love smashed mumpkin. -It's the best. Smashed squash. Picked mushroom, and vegan bread bruschetta. - This is like, serious whole thing. Cheers. - Boom. What do ya reckon? - It's delicious, it really is. - Awesome, well, Laura thank you so much for taking us around here. - Yeah, it's pretty actually really awesome. - It's an unreal place, and that waterfall. Crazy. - Just makin' food in front of a waterfall, no big deal. - [Guy] Thanks for looking after us, little fella. - Quite a guard. - [Guy] Good chap, good chap. - Make sure you check out Guy's channel Bondi Harvest. It's really awesome, lots of recipes like this. - And I think we should do this again back in Australia, what do you reckon? - I think so. - Alright guys. Woo! See ya. - Woo! - Woo. - Woo. Oh my God, that happened.