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Vegan Caprese Panini

Frankie Celenza

For anyone with a dairy allergy, chanterelle mushrooms offer a fatty flavor that is the perfect replacement for cheese.

Mushrooms as a Replacement for Cheese


  • 1/2 pound chanterelle mushrooms, cubed

  • 1 clove garlic, minced

  • Olive oil

  • 1 to 2 tomatoes on the vine, sliced

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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- We're you of the era of the three quarter pants? - Yes. - Do you remember what they were called? - Capri pants. - Because of the island of Capri. Which is where the salad comes from. - Oh. - Caprese. So, first of all, who are you? - I'm Sam and I work at Tastemade. - This is Sam, she works at Tastemade. What is the problem that you have, Sam? - I have a dairy allergy. Specifically to casein. It's a colossal bummer. - Okay so here's what I've found, Sam. I have found that mushrooms can be very meaty, but certain ones like these chanterelles, they aren't meaty, but they're super flavorful and fatty, like a good ball of motz. So I thought we'd make a caprese salad vegan. - Cool. - For you. - Let's do it. - Okay, do you mind cutting some bread? - I'll cut some bread. - There's a knife right there, it should work pretty well. - Do you have a slice thickness preference? - It's really up to you. - Alright. - We definitely want two pieces that are the same size. - [Sam] Cool. - So that we can make a sandwich that fits. Sam. - Yes. - This is garlic. - Love garlic. - It is in a pan. I've cubed up these chanterelles and I'm just gonna cook them completely. - Just straight on the pan? - Dry. Yes. - Cool. - They'll release some liquid some liquid, and then at the end, we'll put some oil to add some nice fats into them. What's your favorite part of working at Tastemade? - Oh gosh. Working with the lovely people like you, of course. - Oh, I think it's, I think it's the wonderful food around you at all times. - That's true, there's food everywhere, it's great. - So, you like tomato? - I do. - [Chef] Okay. Ooh, this is a really sharp knife today, I am very pleased. - [Sam] Okay. - [Chef] You can see them sweating just a little bit. - Oh yeah. - Have you been working on your pan tossing? - I have. - Yeah? Come on. - Oh god. - No, no, no, nice and easy, just be good, you're good. - Oh god, okay. Oh god. - That's good Sam, no, that's good, come on. - Yeah? - Feel it, feel it, feel it. - Feelin' it. Becoming one with the pan. - [Chef] See, okay, they're burning a little bit. - They're burnin'. - So look, look, look. Go, go in circles, around. - Like that? - Oh yeah, oh yeah. Toss that. - It's on fire. - Come on, this is why we like working at Tastemade, that's gorgeous, oh my goodness. - Flames going everywhere. - That's cool. - [Sam] It's beautiful. Okay. - Okay. - Okay. - See them shrinking? Tell me what you feel. - Ooh. - Do you see how the texture has the bounce of a ball of mozzarella? - Mozzarella. - See what I have here? It's a paint brush. What I'd like you to do is lift this tomato bread up for me. - [Sam] Okay. - And then get some of our... up high, up high. - Up-- - Up, up, up, yes. I have to paint the bottom of it. Yes, this is very nice. - So we stick it in like panini crust. - Sam, we have to be vertically together. - Oops. - Okay, so this is, this is gonna be good. We're getting flavor and fat into the, into the sandwich. Fantastic. - Go team. - Professional, you are hired. Also, very important, with tomatoes, is this white substance. Okay, now we're gonna put some leaves of basil. We can charge $12.95 for this somewhere. - Toast is trendy these days. - The toast is open-face only, is it not? - We can charge double for this then. - Here come chanterelles. Chanterelles. - Let's just... - Something like that. - Panini press. Cool. - Okay, ooh that's good. I also think we're trying to mimic the flavors that's gonna use a lot of processed ingredients. So using natural ingredients to get similar textures and milkiness, and, you know, water content. That's our goal here. Can we take a peak? - Is it time? - That looks pretty good to me, Sammy. - Let's do it. - Okay. - Want a spatula? - Oh, this is a spatula. - Is that it? - Is that not cheesy-like? - Looks cheesy. Beautiful. - If you skimp out on the ingredients because there are so few, it's gonna be bad. - Yep. - So we don't have cheese, but we have a great supplement replacement for it, a high-quality mushroom. I think you should take this. - [Sam] Am I gonna burn my face off? - And we're done, I'll test the waters with my toe before you. - Oh, thank you. Mm, it's good though. It's warm, but it's good. - So, caprese is the normal salad. - Yep. - There's another island, pretty close to Capri, that nobody's heard of. It's called Panarella. - Panarella. - That's the Panarese. - Panarese. - What do you think? - I kinda dig it. - Kinda amazing, okay.

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