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This recipe brings together the flavors of a lemonade stand and ice cream shop for an incredible summer treat.

Pink Lemonade Granita

prep time5Min


serving time6


  • 10 strawberries, stems removed, and mashed

  • 4 scoops vanilla ice cream, slightly softened

  • 4 cups water

  • 1/2 cup Country Time Pink Lemonade mix


  1. Place strawberries in a 7x11-inch pan and mash with a fork. Next, add in the water and pink lemonade mix, stir to combine.

  2. Add ice cream to pan. Stir everything together to create one cohesive mixture. Place in freezer to set.

  3. Once completely frozen, scrape the mixture using a fork, creating a slushy granita. Transfer to a bowl and enjoy right away.





Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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- We've just amped up your typical lemonade stand and taken all of our favorite summer flavors like ice cream, strawberry, lemonade, and put it into one really awesome granita. You guys gotta make this and I'm gonna show you how. Let's go do it. So to me, summer equals lemonade. You just can't have summer go by without drinking some lemonade. We've added strawberries to this, some ice cream, which is another classic summer staple, and altogether, it is so good. So basically what we're doing is just mashing these strawberries. That's kinda the fun part, so if you wanna get your friends involved, mash it all up, and this is gonna give us little speckles of red throughout the granita. Simple as that. Alright, that's it. Now, to this, we're going to add our pink lemonade mix. Goes right in there. And some water. So we're basically making lemonade here. And just give that a little mix around. So good. And then what makes it kind of creamy and dreamy, and oh so yummy is the ice cream, and you want it to be kind of melty, 'cause we're gonna mix it all in together. Yum. Okay. So we're just gonna mix this around now and get all of that ice cream kind of mashed into the mixture, and it does not look like much now, I know, I know. But, you just wait, it's gonna be so good. Alright, perfect. That looks good. We'll pop this in the freezer, and then, once it's all set up, we'll scrape it and bring it out to our guests. Okay, this is so exciting. We have granita, everyone. You're gonna love this. I would say if you're doing a lemonade stand and you want to make this this summer, sell this at your lemonade stand, because people will be so excited to have something new and different. But this is my favorite part, is just scraping it, and look how pretty, 'cause you have that ice cream in there, it really scrapes off so nicely and easily. Looks so pretty and I love how pink it is. Alright, let's serve it up. Have my bowl. Oh, look at that, it's so fluffy and airy. Yum. Alright, how pretty is that? Just give it a try. Yum. Mm, that is so good. I love that you could crunch on it. Unlike ice cream that's super smooth, this has that texture, that little ice crystal throughout. So perfect, so great for summer entertaining. You gotta try this. And gettin' out to the pool. Bye guys.

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