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In the off chance you end up with leftovers from this amazing bananas foster tower, Dini's got you covered.

Puff Pastry Bananas Foster Towers

serving time4


  • 1 sheet puff pastry, thawed

  • 1/4 cup butter

  • 3/4 cup dark brown sugar

  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

  • 1/2 cup half-and-half

  • 2 bananas, peeled and sliced into rounds

  • 8 scoops ice cream, for serving


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees, and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

  2. Working on the parchment paper, cut the puff pastry sheet into 4 even rectangles. Evenly space out on the baking sheet. Bake for 15 minutes until golden.

  3. To make the bananas: In a large pan on medium heat, melt butter. Add the sugar and mix around to dissolve. Add the vanilla and cinnamon, stir to combine, add the half-and-half and let simmer. Add the bananas and cook on low for 5 minutes until thick, bubbly and caramelized. Remove from heat.

  4. Set out 4 serving plates. Separate each puff pastry rectangle in half. Lay the bottom half on one plate and top with two scoops of ice cream. Cover with top puff pastry rectangle, and then spoon the bananas and caramel over the top. Serve immediately!

  5. 2nd Use for Recipe: Breakfast with toast, caramel and banana

  6. Heat up leftover caramel banana mixture

  7. Toast up your favorite breakfast bread

  8. Spoon mixture on top of toast, enjoy!

Puff Pastry Bananas Foster Towers




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox


- Hey, I'm Jeannie Cline and this is my brand new series called Super Simple. All of my recipes are 10 ingredients or less for repurposing leftovers for the following day to come up with a brand new dish. We're doing food that is smart, efficient, but really fun way. It's all super simple. We're doing some building today and I'm showing you how to make my bananas foster towers. There's the hot, the cold, the sticky, the sweet, the crunchy. There are such great flavors and textures packed in here. Plus, we're repurposing it for tomorrow's breakfast. So let's go. Let's start making these bananas foster towers. Kind of little tongue twisters, but so good. It starts with puff pastry. Puff pastry is such a great thing to keep in your freezer because there's so much you could do with it. You can make it sweet, savory, it lasts for a really long time in your freezer and it makes your dishes look like you've spent a ton of time when you actually put in very little effort. Plus, they give like a really nice crispiness to a dish. I love it. I just cut this into four pieces. I'll go pop these in the oven. They're gonna rise up and get super flaky and crispy and golden brown and so heavenly. And then we're gonna build some towers. Oh my god, so good. You see all those crispy layers of the dough with the butter. Puff pasty is like magical. It's kind of like a croissant, so yummy. Okay, butter goes in. We're gonna be adding in some brown sugar here. We have vanilla extract and then we're gonna put in a little bit of heavy cream and that is gonna make this really rich and O-T-T, over the top. Alright, there we go. Brown sugar in. Let's get some of our cinnamon in there for some nice flavor. Just like cinnamon has that warming flavor that I absolutely adore. And some vanilla. Give that a mix around. You're basically just looking for it all to kind of combine and for that butter to heat through that sugar and get it nice and caramelized. To this we're gonna add our heavy cream. And that's gonna start to caramelize a little bit as it heats through. So we have this beautiful sauce and we're just gonna let that keep bubbling and doing its thing. You don't wanna burn this so make sure you don't put your heat on too high. It needs kind of like a medium low. And meanwhile, we're gonna get working on our bananas the star of the show. So good. So I'm just cutting these bananas. I'm a little bias. Not necessary. They kind of breakdown a little bit anyways, but I always just like cutting out of bias if I can. Makes it a little fancy. And that's it. And we're gonna throw our bananas into, look at this, look at the sauce. It's starting to thicken up and that's what you want. You want this rich, golden, thick sauce. So while these are cooking for a few minutes and getting nice and rich, we're gonna work on our puff pastry. So all you're gonna do is take one of your little puff pastry squares and either separate it where it naturally would separate or just run your knife through it. So you just separate it in half like this. Look at all those little nooks and crannies and flakes. Alright, so I have my little puff pastry squares right here and we're gonna build a tower. It's gonna be super fun. Look at this. Still getting nice and thick. I'm gonna let it go another minute or two. But we have our vanilla ice cream we're gonna add to this first. I love using vanilla ice cream. If you could get one that actually has like real vanilla beans in it, it just makes it to much more decadent and really good. Good quality ice cream. And you're just adding two scoops of your ice cream right to your puff pastry. Now we're gonna cover it with this little top. You're gonna look like a rockstar. You're gonna bring this out for dessert to your friends and people are gonna think you're crazy and that you spent hours and hours in the kitchen. Little do they know. Gorgeous, look at this. Bubbling like crazy. That's like a caramel banana bath. Oh my god that smells so good. I have a spoon here. All you're gonna do now is just take your hot bananas and pour it over the cold ice cream. It's that hot and cold combo that is just unbeatable. Oh my god. And that puff pastry is just gonna soak up all of those caramely flavors. You have the hot with the cold. It's just so perfect. You guys need to make this. You're gonna be a rockstar and people are gonna freak out when you bring this out to them or you could just make it for yourself because you're worth it, you're worth it. But as promised, we always have a second repurpose, so if you do, for some weird reason, have some of this caramel leftover, you could always turn it into tomorrow's breakfast. Just toast up your favorite bread. We've used a brioche here and we've loaded it with some of that extra caramel with bananas and like here we just have the most delicious, decadent, sweet, sticky, fabulous breakfast to start your day. As always, it was super simple. Bye guys.