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Erwan throws together a stunning seafood fried rice.

Shrimp and Crab Fried Rice


  • 1 tablespoon garlic, minced

  • 1 tablespoon ginger, minced

  • 1 chinese sausage, sliced

  • 6 shrimps

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Coming right up

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- Hey guys, and today I'm going to show you how to make a delicious Shrimp and Crab Fried Rice. I really love fried rice because you take a bunch of ingredients, put that in a pan with some rice, obviously, some really good seasoning, do it step by step, follow a process, and always turns out being absolutely delicious and so good. It's something that's just so quick to make, that you can wake up in the morning, or you can be really rushing out, and you can still make some great flavor in our pan. I'm going to take some garlic, some ginger, and just cook that out just a tad bit. To that I'm going to add in my Chinese sausage, render these very quickly. Now to my pan I'm going to add in my shrimp. You can always add a little bit more oil in there. This is going to be really quick to cook so I'm going to add in my crab meat as well. To that I'm going to add in a tiny bit of butter, my corn, mix all that together. Season that all here with a little bit of fish sauce, and a tiny bit of soy sauce. Some black pepper. So I've got another pan right here, with a tad bit of oil. Then I'm going to take my eggs, and just cook that really quickly. We're not looking for something perfect, just for that quick scramble. Which we're going to add into the rice after. I usually like to start with a half a cup of rice, then we're going to slowly build that into all the other ingredients that are here. Make another well in the center, and we're going to add in our egg. Once all that is properly mixed in, you can add in our other ingredients. I bought some nice spring onions right here, little bit of sesame oil, some Togarashi chili. Really toss that quickly, and then we can go ahead and kind of just place our rice on there. It has everything that you will love; shrimp, crab, Chinese sausage, just brings it to a whole new level. Top it off with a little bit of my greens that I have from a while ago. Then I have some nice Coriander as well. Finish off with a little bit of black pepper, with some toasted peanuts. So there you have it, really quick, really simple, really delicious, Shrimp and Crab Fried Rice.

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