Square Mosaic Sushi

This beautiful square mosaic sushi deserves to be framed in a food art museum.


  • 150 grams rice with 1 tablespoon sushi vinegar (for white sushi rice)
  • 200 grams rice with 1 tablespoon sushi vinegar (for pink sushi rice)
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 tablespoons denbu (sweet fish flakes)
  • 3 sticks imitation crab
  • 20 grams salmon
  • 8 sticks tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette)
  • 4 sheets nori


  1. Spread white sushi rice onto a sheet of nori. Place the cucumber on top and roll tightly.
  2. Combine denbu with 200 grams sushi rice. Spread this onto another sheet of nori and place the first sushi roll on top. Roll tightly. Then cut into 4 segments.
  3. Place all four segments onto another sheet of nori, arranging them so that it becomes a square shape. Place salmon, egg and imitation crab inside and start wrapping.
  4. Use the last sheet of nori to continue wrapping the sushi.
  5. Make sure to keep it a nice square shape. Cucumbers should be at the corners.
  6. Carefully slice into bite-sized pieces.