• 50g chopped strawberries
  • 180g cake flour
  • 7g baking powder
  • 20g granulated sugar
  • 70g cream cheese
  • 20ml strawberry milk
  • Cake flour, as needed (for coating)
  • Milk, as needed
  • Icing, as needed
  • Dried raspberries, as needed
  • Clotted cream, as needed


  1. Cut strawberries lengthwise.
  2. Add cake flour, granulated sugar, and baking powder to a bowl. Mix lightly.
  3. Add cream cheese and break it up using your hands until it’s not sticky.
  4. Add the chopped strawberries and strawberry milk. Mix with a spatula.
  5. Cover the dough and refrigerate for about 20 minutes. Shape the scone dough into a square on a floured surface.
  6. Cut into heart shape using a cookie cutter.
  7. Lightly apply milk to the surface of the scones using a pastry brush. Bake in the oven at 170°C for 20 minutes.
  8. Top with icing and dried raspberries. Enjoy with clotted cream!