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Repurpose your handy-dandy toaster by using it to make the perfect crispy, cheesy sandwich.

Toaster Grilled Cheese


  • 2 slices bread (that can easily fit in a toaster)

  • Your favorite sliced cheese


  1. Place the toaster on its side, so that the slots are stacked one on top of the other.

  2. Top one slice of bread with cheese. Make sure the cheese is contained within the crust of the bread, and not sticking out. Place inside the bottom slot of the toaster, ensuring the bread is pushed all the way to the back.

  3. Place the other slice of bread into the top slot of the toaster, pushing it all the way to the back.

  4. Push the lever to turn the toaster on. Watch the cheese melt and your bread get nice and toasty (approximately 1-1 1/2 minutes). Once they pop out, smush together. Enjoy!

Toaster Grilled Cheese




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox


- Toasters are one of those appliances that just hang out on the counter, you know what I mean, like you made your toast for breakfast, you're done with it, and then it just hangs out there with no purpose. Well repurpose your toaster by making a wicked easy grilled cheese. It only takes seconds, and all you have to do is flip this guy over. Let's get started. This is literally like the easiest grilled cheese you're ever gonna make in your life. And it starts with a toaster. And all you're gonna do is you're gonna flip your toaster to the side like this. And then it's ready to go. So I have some everyday white bread, you can use whatever bread you'd like. And then some sliced cheese. Again, use whatever sliced cheese you like. And you just wanna sorta layer the cheese on and make sure that it stays within the realms of the border of the bread 'cause you don't want any peeping out 'cause that's just gonna be a mess in your toaster. And then you're just gonna check out the bottom slot, slide it in ever so gently. And then you're gonna take your other piece of bread and put it in the top slot. Make sure it's nice and snug. Then pull down the handle. And then let it toast. You don't wanna go too crazy with the cheese so don't like load up a whole bunch of cheese. One nice thin layer and you're good. Also, when you make grilled cheese, right, like when you're making it in a pan, usually you put like butter on both sides or a little bit of olive oil or sometimes even mayonnaise. You don't wanna do that when you're making grilled cheese in a toaster because that dripping fat, when it hits the coils, good things don't happen from doing that so just leave your bread the way that it is, smack some cheese in the middle, and that's good. Keep it simple, simple's the way to go with the toaster. Guys I think it's ready! Whoa. Alright. And then this is the cheesy layer. Oh and it's melted perfectly, look at all that gooey cheese! And then it's just a matter of smackin' it on top. So yeah, like if you're a college student or a university student and you don't have a stove at home or in your dorm, like this is the perfect solution, just get your toaster out, lay it out on its side, and make gourmet grilled cheeses and you know, you can use any type of cheese that you want, it doesn't have to be those singles, you could use gruyere, swiss, get creative. And once it's melted, you can top it off with other ingredients, sandwich it together, and you have a gourmet toaster sandwich, made in seconds.