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With coconut cream, white chocolate and an assortment of colorful and exotic fruit, this is one stunning "donut."

Tropical Fruit Sushi Donut

prep time2H


cooking time20Min


serving time12


  • 2 cups short grain sticky rice (glutinous rice)

  • For pink sauce:

  • 1/4 red dragon fruit

  • 1/3 cup unsweetened coconut cream

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

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- Let your imagination go free, and eat some tropical sushi donuts. Let's get started. First we are going to make the rice. You will need this sticky short grain rice and you will wash it until you don't see any milky water, and soak it in the cold water in the refrigerator at least two hours, to overnight. And then you are going to drain completely, and steam in your favorite steamer for 20 minutes. Then, tada! This is after they steam for 20 minutes, they are nice and sticky and chewy, just perfect. Yes, okay, they are ready to become a donut very soon, but we are going to make the sauce first. So I'm going to just keep you warm right here, and let's make some sauce for tropical fruit sushi donut, I'm so excited, isn't it just, even the name is so pretty and fun. Okay, I'm going to cut my pink, not white, but pink dragon fruit. You will know when you cut it off. I'm going to grind this up in a food processor. You won't need a lot because we are using this only for the color reason. In mixing bowl, let's pour. Into this hot pink dragon fruit puree I'm going to add some coconut cream, unsweetened coconut cream. Oh, it's gonna be so gorgeous. Just mix it in. Alright, so the pink sauce is ready, I'm going to just set aside right here. And let's make some coconut, sweet coconut cream sauce, for our rice. So gonna heat up my saucepan. We're gonna use some more coconut cream, in goes to the saucepan, then some sugar. A little pinch of salt. You know, when you adding little salt in your dessert it's even more sweeter. And just stir. We are not trying to make it boil, we are just trying to, the sugar to melt completely into the coconut cream, so just bring it to very light simmer. Now gonna get a mixing bowl, and let your steamed rice out, pour all that in. There you go. And by now your coconut cream must be simmering lightly. Let's pour this into the rice, when both are hot. Just like that. And just mix in together. And right now it looks a little watery, but the rice will absorb all the liquid, and that's what we want. We want them to like slightly cool down before we work on to make like a donut shape, because it's way too hot to touch with your hand. You can see the rice soak up all the coconut cream, the sweet coconut cream, and they are thickened. Right, now we are going to place on little donut mold. Okay, let's place around it like so. Kind of press down, because we want them to, you know, little dense enough to hold their shape, just like that. Aha, look at that, perfect six donuts. Okay, now I'm going to pop it into the refrigerator and let them completely cool, about five minutes. Alright, my rice has been cooled down, I'm going to set aside right here for now because I wanna finish cutting up my fruit, tropical fruits, to decorate my sushi donut, you know what I mean. Okay, just scoop out your dragon fruit with your spoon, woops, just like that. It's like same technique as avocado, like that, alright. Then slice it really thinly, okay. It slices like avocado too, super soft, tender. Alright, that's it, time to decorate our donut. I'm just going to flip it over, give it a little tap. Tada! Perfect, right? Okay, from now on you can be, just be creative, let your imagination go, make this sushi donut look the most attractive donut as possible okay? We'll try our best. So, lets try with some yellow mango, and get some kiwi right there. Let's see, some dragon fruit, now I'm just going to kinda splash the top of donut, you know what I mean, just like you're a painter now, like a little paint. Just like that, whoo, so pretty! And if you want, decorate like little seeds, like sesame seeds, poppy seeds, chia seeds, whatever seeds you wanna use. Just go for it, just like that. Perfect. So gorgeous. Okay, to serve this you can serve like individual serving plate or a little parchment paper so you can kinda grab and eat it, kinda thing, you know what I mean, but okay, I think I should go ahead and try one, which one? I really don't know what to say, just so good. I really don't, my brain goes blank, it's so, so freaking delicious.

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