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The secret to a successful party? A showstopping charcuterie board, of course! Use Boursin® Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese as your centerpiece for an appetizer that’s #MadeToWow. Want even more tips on entertaining? We've partnered with Boursin to make it even easier with our co-branded hosting book, Gathering: A Guide to Hosting at Home. Scroll down to download your copy today!

The Perfect Boursin Cheeseboard

serving time10


  • 1 (5.2-ounce) round Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs cheese

  • 24 ounces assorted salami

  • 8 ounces prosciutto

  • 1 cup Castelvetrano olives

  • 1/2 cup cornichons

  • 1 cup almonds

  • 4 ounces Port Salut, broken into pieces

  • 1/2 cup fig jam

  • 1/4 cup dried apricots

  • Handful of raspberries

  • Assorted crackers

  • 2 French baguettes, sliced


  1. Fold thin salami into quarters and stack in a pile. Place ribbons of prosciutto to resemble waves.

  2. Position olives, cornichons, almonds, Port Salut, jam and apricots around the board as desired. Fill in spaces with remaining salami.

  3. Sprinkle raspberries next to cheese, and add assorted crackers and baguette slices.

  4. Unwrap Boursin cheese and place in the center of the board for a focal point.

  5. Serve and enjoy.

The Perfect Boursin Cheeseboard




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox