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Need a little inspiration for the Raw Vegan Valentine in your life? Laura's got a lip-smackin' lolli you're all gonna love.

Valentine's Day Candy


  • 1 jar coconut butter

  • 3-4 beets

  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder

  • SPECIAL TOOLS: Candy Molds, Candy Sticks


  1. White candy pops: Warm up coconut butter in hot water bath and stir until thoroughly combined. Pour directly into the mold, add candy sticks and freeze for 30 minutes

  2. Pink candy pops: Peel and chop beets, add to a blender with small amount of water. Pour beet mixture into a cheesecloth to extract the beet juice. Fill dropper with beet juice. Pour warm coconut butter into a bowl and mix with 3-6 drops of beet juice. Pour pink coconut butter into candy mold, add candy sticks and freeze for 30 minutes.

  3. Chocolate candy pops: Add 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder to warmed coconut butter and stir. Pour into mold, add candy sticks and freeze for 30 minutes.

Valentine's Day Candy




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox

Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox


- It's about to Valentine's Day. Some people love it, some people hate it, but everybody likes sweets. I'm gonna show you some raw, vegan candies that you can give to your sweetheart or your friend or your grandma, let's go make it. So this is coconut butter. Unlike coconut oil, it's actually the whole fruit blended up, so you got the fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. It's really the complete package which is exactly what you're looking for on Valentine's Day. Am I right? This recipe is actually really simple like incredibly simple. It only uses one ingredient, the coconut butter. The tricky part is that it all looks the same. But don't be fooled because the oil from the coconut has all risen to the top and the rest of it is like the meaty part. By the time you get down to the bottom, it's like spackle. So here's how you actually get it into a form that you can use. Here is my coconut butter that has been sitting in a hot water bath. So what's gonna happen is you're gonna put it in the hot water bath and the sides are gonna start to melt and as soon as that happens, you start working with it. Get your spoon in there. Basically you just wanna continue to stir it up 'til you have no more chunks in here. It's still gonna be really thick. It's not gonna be as thin as coconut oil where it's just almost transparent. But once you can get your spoon through the whole thing, you don't feel any chunks in there, you've arrived, it's happened. This is the right consistency. Let's make some candy. I'm gonna pull it out of the hot water bath. This over here. And then I'm actually just gonna dump this into this measuring cup, just to make it a little easier to pour it into the molds. Coconut butter is actually pretty sweet on its own. I don't add anything to it but if you do want it to be a little sweeter. At this point, you could add in a little stevia. I wouldn't add agave, I tried adding agave, but it just didn't set up right. As far as hardening in the molds, so add a little bit of stevia if you want to, but first try it without because you might not need it, okay. Now's when we break out our molds. These are giant lip molds which are very exciting. They have molds of every kind. Get 'em in the molds here. Kind of smooth it out and then... Put your little lollipop stick in there. You might need to put a little more on after that. Just to make sure it's completely covered and so that when it solidifies, it's gonna stay there when you take it out. I'm gonna do the other two really quick. So you gotta move pretty quickly here. You don't want it to solidify before you've gotten them into the molds. Once you do, you wanna get them in the freezer pretty quickly. So now I'm gonna show you a few ways to vary it up a little bit. It is Valentine's Day, so let's make some pink lips. I am gonna make some beet juice which is really quick. We're just gonna chop up some beets. So this is essentially juicing without a juicer. Okay, beets in the blender. And a little water in here to get it moving around. And then we shall blend. Okay. This is nice and blended up. The color is pretty amazing. So again this is juicing without a juicer. If you had a juicer, you could just stick the beets in there. But we are going to take this blended beet pulp and just put it through a cheese cloth. Wow, that's a good color. We're just gonna squeeze it out of here. Woo. This is already more than enough. So the way to deal with this beet juice. I like to use the little eye dropper to put it in because if you put too much in, the consistency of the coconut butter for some reason gets messed up. Just gonna fill this guy up. Put that right there. Get my still liquid coconut butter and then we're gonna add a little beet juice. This is where the magic happens. I'm really just gonna put two drops in and then stir and see what it looks like. It should give us a pale, pale pink, delicate pink. Yeah, this really does not have the impact I want it to. We're gonna add a few more drops. Okay, so this is a nice lippy pink. Let's get this in some molds and get it into a freezer. Oh, yeah. It's gonna be a good one and I'm gonna pop these in the freezer too. Show you one more variation. Now we are gonna make some chocolate lips because what is Valentine's Day without some chocolate? So I'm just gonna put a little bit of cocoa powder in here, remember a little goes a long way. That's the name of the game with this. Get it all nice and stirred up. Okay this is ready to go, let's pop it in the mold. Oh, this one's gonna look real nice. We'll just pop our sticks in, you get the routine by now, pretty simple. Now I'm gonna put these in the freezer, I'll be right back. Okay so they're all frozen, I pulled them out, popped them out of the molds and check it out. Pretty cute. Delicious raw, vegan lips. So you can store these in the fridge or freezer, they'll stay pretty well set up. Or you can put them in an adorable little box like what I'm about to do right here. Happy Valentine's Day. This is a good representation of how I feel about the holiday. Okay, well, you don't have to put them in a box, but either way, they're lip smackin' good. Mmm, mm-hm. Happy Valentine's Day, from me to you and your grandma. Happy Valentine's Day to everybody.