Jolie Laide Tasting Menu

In-PersonKerns, Portland


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Medium (10-15 Guests)
north american
Gluten Free
Experience our 12 course vegetable forward omnivore menu where we explore unique textures and flavor combinations to showcase the highest quality produce sourced from our local farmers.

Menu detail

Beets and black lime
Small Plate
Chiogga beets are given a chewy, meaty texture and flavored with black lime and smoked beef fat. Served with beet purée and dried milk skin
Apple and lovage
Apples are roasted and simmered in water for 6 hours to create a flavorful tea. It is served with a few drops of fresh lovage oil. A warm start to our menu.
Squash and uni
Small Plate
Sweet butternut squash is shaved raw and marinated in cara cara orange juice and shio koji. Succulent endive is dressed with cream and cara cara orange juice. These two are enriched with a frozen uni powder made by freezing fresh uni with liquid nitrogen and blending till fine. The uni offers a unique melding texture of fat that balance the bright/sweet raw vegetables.
Crosnes and grilled chicken
Small Plate
Crosnes are roasted and served with chicken skin grilled over Japanese charcoal. Served with sorrel wilted in smoked chicken fat and a burnt onion chicken jus.
Razor clam and pepper
Small Plate
Charred Washington razor clams with salsify cooked in clam juice. Served with the pressed juice of roasted peppers.
Garlic and lamb
Lamb sweetbreads are cooked sous vide, then seared in a pan. Served with a light jus flavored with roasted garlic, along with tender, young chard leaves brushed with a jus perfumed with fresh lavender.
Shiitake mushrooms glazed with sour beer
Small Plate
Shiitake mushrooms are roasted and cooked in sour beer till glazed. Served with tender spinach that is brushed with smoked soubise.
Caramelized yam skin
Small Plate
Yams are peeled then soaked in a solution that draws its pectin towards its skin. It is then steamed, hollowed, then fried. Served with a roasted apple purée flavored with yeast.
Ricotta and pamplemousse
Ricotta ice cream is made to resemble fresh ricotta. Warm, just made ricotta also accompanies the ice cream as well as individual cells of grapefruit that are flavored with tarragon
Caramelized onion and white chocolate
An ice cream is flavored with caramelized onions and served with frozen roasted white chocolate and balanced with a tart syrup made from fresh pomegranate.
Warm yuba and carrot
Soy milk yuba custard set in a bowl and topped with a fresh carrot/ginger granita
Pear and juniper
Pears are roasted and cooked to make a sweet tea that is flavored with a few drops of juniper oil. A warm way to end your meal on a cold night

Jolie Laide Tasting Menu

In-PersonKerns, Portland
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