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Edmonton, Canada


Hi hungry people!!

My name is Darlene Vonn, I am from Edmonton, AB. I own a Catering company Vonn Appetit and I have been cooking since the day I was born. Okay maybe not the day I was born but at a very young age, growing up in a Cambodian traditional household and always wanting to help my Mom make food almost everyday. Food has always brought our family together, no matter how busy our lives get we always have to make time to eat & what better way than to eat with your family.
My Chef journey started because of how much I ate out. My old job I was on the road a lot, so stopping at restaurants to eat was on a regular basis. Truthfully there were many times I thought to myself, 'I could make this better' - and so I did (if you are wondering where my inspiration comes from haha)
Also plating food as always been so fun for me, as you know we all eat with our eyes first!
I started catering for some small private parties & then got busier catering for weddings and then Covid happened, so now here we are. I hope I can share my easy to follow and delicious recipes with you all.
Lets have some fun!