San Francisco, CA


When I was growing up in Santa Rosa, I found myself eating a lot of chocolate. One day, I stopped mid bite and wondered how they were made. That led me to become wonderfully curious about how chocolates were made into perfect little shapes and why they tasted so good. I began a quest to figure it out and also make the freshest chocolate truffles without preservatives. At 18, I started experimenting with chocolate truffles and at 19 my sister and I launched Socola Chocolatier at a farmer’s market in Santa Rosa. I graduated from UC Davis and went to Pastry School in the evenings while I spent 8-years in Management Consulting. In 2012 I took the leap and pursued my dream of opening a Chocolate Shop full time and have not looked back since. Known for its Eastern and inventive chocolate flavors, Socola has made chocolates for Tiffany’s, Sephora, YouTube, American Express and Jamie Oliver, among others. Socola has been featured in Forbes, Zagat and the Huffington Post.