Backyard Bubbles With Your Bubble

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Gluten Free, Vegetarian
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Ah, the Spritz. A perfect signal for warmer weather, longer days, and al fresco dining with your close group of friends. The Spritz, while classic and relatively simplistic in its origins, has unlimited opportunities for creative play and seasonal substitutions. We're here to share with you some of our favorite Spring ingredients to add to your spritz and talk you through all of the different components of this lovely sipper. Prosecco or Cava? Aperol or Campari? Rhubarb? Mint? Tonic Water?!? As well as recommending some of our favorite Spritz-y Snacks. We will demonstrate, step-by-step, three unique Spritzes with easy-to-acquire ingredients so you can follow along in your own kitchen (or backyard!). Guests who RSVP to the class will be sent a list of ingredients at least two weeks in advance of the class to purchase so they can follow along.

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Rhubarb Spritz
Early-season rhubarb lends a beautifully bright element to our first spritz, we will walk you through making this rhubarb into a syrup that you can use all spring and summer long.
Soft Herb Spritz
A savory-leaning sparkler that utilizes the soft herbs that may be growing in your backyard, or around your neighborhood.
Amaro Spritz
A lightly bitter bevvie for when the sun starts to go down, that can utilize a wide variety of amaro and bitter liqueurs.


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