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Soul-food, a distinctive derivative of southern cuisine, encompassing many regional differences, is the accepted term to describe centuries old southern culinary traditions of African Americans including such staples as gumbo, cornbread, rice, offal, red-beans, hush-puppies, braised and barbecued meats, jambalaya, grits, black-eyed peas, fried chicken, biscuits, ham-hock and sweet potato pie.

West Coast Soul is a contemporary continuation of soul-food traditions influenced by the ever fusing culinary cultures of California specifically, and the West Coast generally. West Coast soul-food is an acclimation to California’s diversity; Sweet potato ravioli stuffed with collard greens, rutabagas & ham hock in Parmesan potlicker cream, jambalaya
chow mein, ancho chili blackened cod served on a bed of red bean risotto with citrus infused hush puppies, jalapeno fried chicken with yeasted corn waffles, jalapeno honey-butter & sorghum caramel, black-eyed pea hummus or a WCS charcuterie original, liver pate lasagna (chicken and duck pates sandwiched between crispy layers of duck and chicken skin) served with bacon jam and chipotle apricot preserves.

I believe everyone is responsible for trying to improve the world for someone or everyone. In this regard, a portion of all proceeds from our events is donated to a charitable cause. Information regarding supported charities is usually available to event attendees.

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