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St. Louis, MO


As much as he loved food, it wasn't the cooking bug that captured Pelly; it was music. When he was a kid he discovered rock and roll and wanted to be a musician. That was his path for a lot of his life. He played guitar in different bands and had the opportunity to go on tour with the military where he got to see the world — and eat some really interesting food too.
Pelly's music career seemed like it was taking off. His band, Neptune Crush, was getting regular radio play and they had a record deal. That all fell through, and Pelly was left wondering what he would do with life. His mom had the answer. She looked at him and said, 'Why don't you just cook?'.

He'd worked in restaurants for most of his life. So Pelly jumped right into the business, first at Flamingo Cafe and next at Sandrina's. He barbecued outside of a strip club on the East Side for a while and then made his way to Sanctuaria, where he really started to hone his skills.

Pelly admits to bouncing around a bit, next to Sugarfire Smokehouse and then to various consulting gigs before settling down at the Libertine and later on at Nudo.