In-PersonRincon Hill, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Available for purchase
Banquet (20+ Guests)
Gluten Free, Local
A 5-course Filipino tasting menu inspired and paired with filipino literature (NOLI Me Tangere), harana (traditional courtship serenades) by Nikki Bonsol and Filipino drinks and Filipino art by Kristian Kabuay.

Menu detail

mushroom trio mango escabeche
Escabeche (Ess-kah-beh-chey) is a sweet and sour dish, typically with fish or chicken or pork. This one features wood ear, shiitake, enoki mushrooms, with mango, blood orange, thai chilies sauce, served on roasted bell peppers.
Dark chocolate drink made with cacao and coconut milk.
sinigang poke
Small Plate
Sinigang, (See-knee-gang) the ultimate Filipino cold weather soup, known distinctly for its sourness. Different souring agents may be used from tomatoes and chilies, to tamarind, to guava. Served cold, poke style with salmon and puffed rice on a bed on rice vermicelli.
tinolang binakol na pugo
Roasted quail in coconut broth and toasted grated coconut with squash chips and dusted with moringa.
ginisang munggo at alimasag
Small Plate
Crab in crab fat and calamansi stuffed with mung beans sauteed with tomatoes and onions and coconut cream.
deep-fried suman
The well-loved suman (glutinous steamed rice cake), deep fried and served with a ube jam (halaya), coconut jam and macapuno (young coconut).


In-PersonRincon Hill, San Francisco
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