SALO: Iowa

In-Persondowntown, Des Moines


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
Gluten Free, Local
The SALO Project: Cooking and Gathering People in all 50 states through Filipino Food. SALO is a traveling Filipino Pop-Up Feast gathering adventurous diners who dare explore regions of the amazing 7,107-island Philippine archipelago through food beyond adobo and lumpia. Please join us for a five course traditional family style dinner full of extraordinary flavors composed from local and seasonal ingredients, served on banana leaves and eaten old-school sans utensils (kamayan), and an unprecedented opportunity to explore Filipino cuisine in a unique atmosphere. Check out: Menu subject to change accordingly to market availability and seasonality of ingredients.

Menu detail

Ensaladang Mais (ehn-suh-la-dang Mah-ees)
First Course
Corn salad, made with tomatoes, onions, shrimp paste. yes, shrimp paste.
Bistek (bizz-tehk)
Second Course
The filipino verison of beef steak, served with onions, marinated in a lime-vinegar-soy marinade.
Second Course
Bone marrow soup, served with corn
coconut garlic fried rice
Second Course
'nuff said.
chef's surprise
Second Course
Taho (tah-hoe)
Third Course
Silky soft tofu, served with simple sugar and tapioca pearls.

SALO: Iowa

In-Persondowntown, Des Moines
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)