Athina, Greece


Yiannis Lucacos was born in Virginia, USA, on 19 November 1973 but grew up in Athens, Greece. Upon finishing high school in 1991, he returned to the USA to study mechanical engineering at Pennsylvania State University from where he graduated in 1996.

His first professional restaurant experience came while he was studying. Though he started working in restaurants, initially to supplement his income, essentially it was a great opportunity for him to practice his favourite hobby, cooking. This hobby of his rapidly evolved in a passion and he decided to pursue it professionally. He completed his culinary degree at The Culinary Institute of America in 1998 and went on to work in several restaurants in New York city. In early 2000 he returned to Greece and continued on working as a chef since.

He currently owns 3 restaurants, “Psomi & Alati”, 'Alio' and 'Buddha's Hand'. He also runs a cooking school for aspiring cooks called “The Seminar Project”, where he has been teaching hands-on cooking classes since 2013. He has extensive TV experience as a judge in the 'Greek Master chef' TV show and as a chef host in 2 cooking shows. All of his work can be found on his detailed site and his YouTube channel @Yiannis Lucacos. He has published two cookbooks in Greek.