Mushroom Risotto

LivestreamAthina, Greece


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I love risotto! We cannot thank Italians enough for developing this dish! It can be made without much fuss and preparation; it fits every season and it may utilize the humblest or the finest of ingredients. Though it is not hard to make it is crucial that we follow a few basic rules and familiarize ourselves with the types of rice, the stock, the size and shape of the pot, the stirring and all those factors that have to come together in order to produce the perfect risotto with a creamy texture and properly al dente cooked rice. Even though we will cover all aspects of risotto making so that you will be able to recreate the dish using your own flavor combinations this class will focus on one of my favorite risottos – the mushroom risotto. This means that we will learn how to properly prep and sauté mushrooms, how to incorporate them in to the risotto and how to make the flavorful mushroom stock from the stems that will serve as the flavor backdrop for the entire dish. Join us in this journey to Italy’s finest! - upon reserving your space, you will receive a private link to the livestream - detailed info (recipes, etc.) you will need to prepare for the cook along - class will be recorded and available for viewing at any later time