The Beats and Rolls Go On...

In-PersonLake View, Chicago


Pop-up space
Large (15-20 Guests)
tapas/small plates, japanese
Vegan, Vegetarian
Some of our crew are out having fun in my hometown of San Francisco, so it's time for another Beatbox Sushi Party. We'll be serving a creamy squash soup with my famous sweet potato cigars, and a Japanese togarashi aioli. In a hot clay pot we'll serve seared shishito peppers, with fresh edamame. Then we'll make you our inspired vegan sushi, and a wonderful pumpkin-matcha tart.

Menu detail

Kabocha Soup with Sweet Potato Cigar
Small Plate
We'll make an umami kabocha squash soup, top it with these tasty sweet potato cigars I've loved making for years, and a drizzle of Japanese togarashi aioli.
Shishito and Edamame Hotpot
Small Plate
We'll hot-sear shishito peppers and add them with some freshly steamed edamame in a clay pot with sea salt and chili oil.
Yuri's Sushi
1) Smoked Beet Nigiri: Served with wasabi, soy, and sesame snow. 2) Eggplant Unagi Roll: Fried and marinated unagi, avocado, cucumber, and kecap manis unagi sauce. 3) Tri-Forest Mushroom Roll: Shiitake, Maitake, and Enoki mushroom, preserved lemon aioli, and 1 caper. 4) Tempura Squash Kimpira Roll: Tempura Fried Squash, Pickled Kimpira (aka, seared burdock and carrot pickle)
Pumpkin-Matcha Tart
Mindful Baking pumpkin tart with matcha syrup.

The Beats and Rolls Go On...

In-PersonLake View, Chicago
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