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Atlanta, GA


With an upbringing that placed a heavy emphasis on food, Zachary Meloy always made a note of what he’d eaten each day as a child. While attending college in Birmingham, Zach worked with chef Frank Stitt at Bottega. He ultimately landed on a culinary career after graduating with degrees in both Spanish and ceramics. Leaving Birmingham, Zach enrolled in Johnson & Wales Denver and, after graduating, spent close to five years living, traveling, eating, and studying in Central America. Seeing the ingredients he’d thought specific to his home in the South, he became fascinated with the natural overlaps between the Latin and Southeastern American kitchens. Inspired by this commonality, Zach focused on his own style of cooking reflecting his roots in Southeastern American and Latin cuisine. In 2011, in an effort to build a groundswell behind their own food, he and his wife Cristina started PushStart Kitchen, an underground supper club, in an art studio at the Goat Farm in Atlanta. Tucked away in the 130 year old factory, they served private, prix fixe meals to members of their modern speakeasy focusing on their favorite elements of their Latin-Southern cuisine. After almost three years of service and feeding 100+ guests a week through the supper club, they decided to bring their passion to a new brick and mortar space, and Better Half was born. Now, Better Half continues to focus on the blurring of lines between cultures while providing a creative menu in an intimate and casual space.