Daht-Seen: Tai Dam BBQ

In-PersonVenice, Venice


Pop-up space
Provided,Available for purchase
Banquet (20+ Guests)
barbecue, lao, asian
Gluten Free
Daht-Seen comes from the Tai Dam culture. Tai Dam are indigenous people that once populated northwest Vietnam and Laos, spanning to Thailand. Their cuisine reflects a diverse blend of these countries. Daht Seen is one of the yummiest facets of this food rich community. You'll cook together and "build your own" dish (noodles, rolls, protein/veggies) and pair your dish with a variety of sauces. JOIN US IN THIS FAMILY STYLE MEAL! **BYOB is allowed + encouraged**

Menu detail

Welcome Beverage: Rice Whisky
Traditionally distilled Tai Dam rice whisky. Smooth, light, and crisp.
Fried Rice Paper
This dish showcases the versatility of rice paper: Flash fried, garnished with fresh herbs, served with a charred tomato and shallot dipping sauce.
Tham Mak Hoong (Green Papaya Salad)
This style of green papaya salad was first introduced by the Thai community. But in this Tai Dam version the flavors are more intense and the textures more pronounced. This version will reacquaint you with a familiar favorite.
Daht - Seen Family Set
Daht-Seen is an exercise in communal eating this main course includes ALL of the following: - Farmers market vegetables - Tai Dam marinated meats: - chicken - steak - shrimp - pork All cooked to order on your own communal table top grill **Vegetarian friendly grills available**
Jeow "Sauces"
Small Plate
"Jeow" is the word for sauce in Tai Dam. Within Tai Dam cuisine there is a countless number of dipping sauces. Every sauce compliments each meal to make it even more delicious. With Daht Seen, we have three different sauces depending on the season and entree we are serving - all are designed to create interesting combinations and keep the palate satiated.
French Macaron
Tai Dam cuisine wasn't only influenced by neighboring countries but by visiting European cultures as well. The best example of this is the adaptation of French Macaron cookies. Light and crisp, these cookies are delicately made by combining whipped meringue with almond flour, gently baked, then individually sandwiched with a buttercream filling.


Local Artisanal Beer (12 oz)
Sparkling Water (1 L)
California Sauvignon Blanc (5 oz. Pour)
Local Artisanal Amber Ale (1 Pint)

Daht-Seen: Tai Dam BBQ

In-PersonVenice, Venice
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